About business-park

About Company

OJSC “Moscow business incubator” was established in 2003 to prepare and implement the project “Moscow city technopark “Nagatino i-Land”.

OJSC “Moscow business incubator” exercises the functions of the project manager, developer and project investor.

Today the personnel of OJSC “Moscow business incubator” composes more than 250 employees, the team has been growing together with scopes of the work. With a view to the scale and uniqueness of the project we have enlisted the services of the highly professional personnel, having the experience in the real estate industries and dedicated its business. The result of many years of the work of OJSC “Moscow Business-incubator” is the first phase of Nagatino i-Land business park with a total area of 216 000 sq.m. A new office of OJSC “Moscow Business-incubator” is located in one of the buildings of the first construction stage, in the Lomonosov business center.

The construction of the 2nd phase has started at the end of 2013.

OJSC “Moscow business incubator” realizes the investment project by applying own and external (borrowed) funds, exercises the functions of the project manager, developer and project investor under authority of the Government Decree of the City of Moscow dated September 23, 2003 under No. 792-ПП “ On creation of Moscow city technopark “Nagatino i-Land”” and the Protocol of the Board of Directors of OJSC “Moscow business incubator” under No. 11 dated August 11, 2005 and regulations of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.