About business-park

Nagatino i-Land

Each new step in the development of business, science, society occurs due to the will of the leader and contribution of its surroundings. And business –park Nagatino i-Land has been thought exactly for such people and companies. The efficiently organized space, presentable environment, special business-friendly atmosphere in the business-centers each of which is bearing the name of the person the work of whom has changed the contemporaries’ life for the better- all of this Nagatino i-Land.

The second largest business park has been rising on 32 hectares lot and consists of 5 construction phases with a total area of 1 mln. sq. m. Today the construction of the first phase has been completed with a total area of 216 000 sq. m. and the construction of the second and designing of the following construction stages has been started up.

Today more than 40 Russian and foreign companies are changing their life for the better here in the intellectual and financial center of the capital.

Nagatino i-Land — it is:

  • Convenient location:
    • 8 km from the Kremlin
    • 5 minutes from the Third Ring Road
    • "Technopark" metro station (2014)
    • walking accessibility from m. "Kolomenskaya" (15 min)
    • free shuttle-buses from m. "Kolomenskaya"
  • Unique infrastructure
    • Stable and presentable pool of theresidents
    • o Conference-space
    • Restaurants
    • Data-center, telecom and IT
    • Retail trade and services system
    • Recreation
  • Parking
    • One of the highest parking ratio
    • Unique mechanized parking
    • Open land-based and multilevel indoor parking
  • "Green" offices
    • +10% to the commercial cost of your asset
    • 25% less power consumption
    • 30% less water consumption
    • Dayligh
    • Preservation of the personnel health
  • Architecture and design
    • Unique facade concepts
    • Hi-tech style
    • Innovative improvements