About business-park

Social Responsibility

We assure that only the project having significantly social value can be truly commercially successful. OJSC "Moscow business incubator” in its activity has been applying the principles of the social responsibility of business and considers such way of development to be exclusively accurate. Our responsibility has been starting from the project itself.

Nagatino i-Land is the largest development project which addresses the issues of the urban territories development and the issues of the social nature.

  • Creation up to 70 000 workplaces
  • Creation of the comfortable conditions to work in the office premises of B+ and A class
  • Improvement of board and lodging of the population of the adjacent areas by improving the environmental characteristics of the territories
  • Improvement of the transport infrastructure of the city
  • Reconstruction of a number engineering constructions of AMS “ZiL” with their further use both for the business-park and for the adjacent territories
  • Rise the status of the territories in the area of the project implementation that allows raising the investment attractiveness of all project implemented in the stated area.