Services in the business park

  • Maintenance of the engineering networks and systems
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Parking Facilities

The sales managers are always ready to provide the detailed information by phone +7(495)742-00-00.


Four independent IT-providers work in the Nagatino i-Land business park that offer services from the traditional technical support software systems to consulting. In addition, the resident companies can benefit from the DATA-center, located in one of the building in the business park.

When purchasing a full package of IT-services offered in Nagatino i-Land, the company will be able to significantly reduce its non-production costs in IT-sphere. In addition, it provides a high level of the information security, which may not be available to the s mall and medium enterprises because of its high cost.

"Bigfoot Telecom" LLC is a local service provider of Nagatino i-Land and system integrator of the project retendering the following services:

  • Communications
  • DATA-center (purchase or lease of racks and boxes at the front)
  • Contact Center
  • Portal of business park
  • Service maintenance and operation of equipment and networks
  • Technical support and software maintenance
  • Management and IT-consulting
  • Development of design solutions in the field of IT and telecommunications
  • Implementation of the design solutions
  • Project management
  • Supply of equipment, system and application program software

The sales managers are always ready to provide the detailed information by +7(495)580-33-09.


Nagatino i-Land can provide the initial conditions for creating and business running on the basis of the most advanced telecommunications technology without investing in its own IT-infrastructure. Along with the standard and popular services like telephony, video, the advanced services are offered which greatly simplify and complement the conduct of business:

  • Presence Management
  • Unified Messaging
  • Service integration during a single communication session
  • Access to the applications and services provided by the external suppliers
  • Lease of channels
  • Multimedia applications
  • Virtual PBX based on Nortel CS2000
  • Single number to make a call in any network and any device
  • Roaming number between mobile and fixed networks
  • Integration of different kinds of devices into a single scheme of service
  • Access to the service at any place: at work, at home, on the road, on vacation or on a business trip

The sales managers are always ready to provide the detailed information by phone +7(495)742-00-00.

  • Rent of the advertising spaces in the buildings of the business park, on the site
  • Organization of the promotional events
  • Design and printing of the promotional materials
  • Development of the creative ideas for the advertising campaigns

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