Offices for sale / lease

Presentation of the business park

  1. The offices are at the Newton, Lobachevsky, Lomonosov business centers

    Lease offer: 2 canteens with best publicity indexes!

    Building Floor Area
    Lobachevsky 1 337,7 Floor plan Lease
    Lobachevsky 2 1566,6 Floor plan Lease

    Building Floor Area
    Newton 1 225,8 Floor plan Lease
    Newton 2 1610,8 Floor plan Lease

    Building Floor Area

    Basic rate - on demand
    Maintenance and housing and utilities are to be paid additionally

  2. Parking
    9- level parking
    Purchase price - from 33 000 c.u. for 1 parking stall
    Parking ratio — 1 parking lot per 100 m2

Methods of payment::

Object purchase for credit/lease

The details are available and sales managers are always ready to provide such information by phone +7 (495) 742-00-00.

* These commercial conditions are not public offer. Here and below, 1 c.u. is equal to 1 U.S. dollar at the exchange rate of the Russian Federation Central Bank on the day of payment, but not less than 33 rubles.