Technical characteristics

Engineering solutions

  • Central heating system, double-pipe ventilation system and air conditioning;
  • Modern security systems, video surveillance, access control;
  • Automatic fire alarm system, smoke exhaust system, sprinkler fire-extinguishing system;
  • Automatic command system of all engineering and technical building systems from the central dispatcher board;
  • Advanced telecommunications systems.

Finishing details and engineering equipment

  • Elevators - OTIS, speed of 1 m / sec.
  • Facades - NBK Keramika Terrart
  • Polished granite – MahagoniSweden
  • Glazing – Glaverbor
  • Refrigerating mechanism - YORK, range of the ambient temperatures –from 260 C to 280 C
  • Electrical facilities – SchneiderElectric
  • Fire alarm system ARITECHFP-2000

Floor plan

  • Column spacing - 8,4 × 8,4 m
  • Floor height - 3.3 m
  • The height of the first floor - 4.3 m

Technical characteristics of the second phase

Engineering characteristics

  • "Intelligent Building" - building automated control system ensuring the centralized monitoring, supervisory control and building automation system

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system

  • Central heating systems, supply and exhaust ventilation system, air-conditioning system which allows regulating the microclimate in a separate office block, maintaining the average temperature in the range of 220 C ± 20 C and humidity of 40% twenty-four-hour
  • General ventilation system productivity is not less than 60 m3 of fresh air per hour for 8-10 sq.m. of the active area
  • Conditioning and ventilation of the public areas

Fire protection system

  • Fire protection system, including the fire alarm system, fire-warning system, smoke exhaust system and space air overpressure, automated water fire-fighting system (preaction / deluge system) and fire fighting water conduit system (hydrants).
  • Fire protection system of the public areas


  • High-speed elevators of the leading international brands (the maximum interval times of the elevator waiting is of 40 seconds at 100% occupancy of the building)

Electric power supply

  • The second category of electric power supply and the availability of a diesel generator as a source of the emergency power supply of the fire protection systems and building life-support systems
  • Ability to upgrade the power supply category to the first one
  • Rated power for the needs of the leaseholders is at least 60 watts per 1 sq.m. of the public areas

Safety system

  • Security system CCTV and access control to the building - on the perimeter of the building and its surroundings, access control for the leaseholders and / or visitors 24 × 7 (video surveillance system for all entrances, including parking, lift lobbies, electronic system of access control, twenty-four-hour guarding of the building). Information Storage of CCTV is at least 4 weeks
  • • Computer system for the visitors’ registration

The design features of the building

  • Ceiling height from the top (floor) of the monolithic floor slab to the bottom (ceiling) of the following monolithic floor slab is at least 3.6 meters. The height of the "pure" floor to "clean" ceiling in the finished premise (except for the corridor) is not less than 2.7 meters (including the raised floor or finished floor)
  • Open floor plan, which allows designing it both as the unique office space, and dividing the floor divided into multiple leaseholders with a minimum loss of the rented areas
  • Access ramps and toilets are on the ground floor for disabled

Finishing of the public areas and facade

  • High quality materials are used in the decoration of public areas and facade


  • The parking ratio is 1/60 The height of the free entry in the underground parking in the areas of movement of transport is 2.2 meters


  • Imposed load on the inter-floor construction - not less than 400 kg / m. in the surface of the building, including the walls and floor finishing
  • Loss factor - not more than 12%
  • 3 independent quality telecommunications service providers

The «green» technology will be applied at the construction to obtain the environmental certification on BREEAM standards. As a result:

  • +10% to the commercial value of your asset
  • 25% lower the power consumption
  • 30% less the water consumption
  • daylight