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Charity exhibition in Nagatino-i-Land12.03.2014

Over the period from 27 to 31 January 2014 in the industrial park Nagatinoi-Land, with the support of "Moscow Business Incubator" a charity exhibition of paintingsArt Fund "Masterpiece" was held. The main idea of the event was to bring people, who are not indifferent to the art and social problems of society,together, allowing to take part in socially useful event. Employees and guests of business centers "Lobachevsky" and "Newton" in the lobby wherethe expositionof classical and modern artwas exhibited,had an opportunity to enjoy and purchase paintings of the creative union of young artists.

All finance from the sale of paintings went on organizing charity program - "a Treasured gift", dedicated to the celebration of the 140th anniversary of the oldest orphanage - "Hospice of St. Mary”. "Personally, for us, this was a special event also because we participated in it together with our partner - "Moscow Business Incubator". With the support of the company's management, children were able to receive a wonderful picture of Sergei Miroshnichenko "Amazing sunset", sweets and delicious "", - shared her impressions Director of Development Fund "Masterpiece" Anna Evstigneeva.

"Such events surely are needed on a regular basis, as they contribute to the development and maintenance of a social cohesion, creating a favorable atmosphere as a whole" - said General Director of "MBI" Igor Zhukov.

Art Fund "Masterpiece", which is composed of members of the Union of Artists, honored artists and young talents are often pursuing similar charity exhibition and sale, aiming to raise funds for the maintenance of children's orphanages. A recent activity at a boarding school“Rossolimo” - part of the work being done by Arts Foundation "Masterpiece" in the field of philanthropy.Under the "theTreasured gift", children from orphanages and other social institutions receive paintings as gifts, participate in master classes in painting, which is carried out by professionals, learn to cook delicious sweets. Contact with the painting, both during acquainted with the work of artists, and during direct participation in master classes, liberating children and causes a desire to get better.

The successful experience ofthe charityexhibition on the territoryNagatinoi-Landencouragesfurther cooperationwith organizations suchas the ArtFund "Masterpiece".

Marat Khusnullinhas announced about the startup of “Technopark” metro station in 201424.02.2014

On the 14th of February the deputy of mayor, Marat Khusnullinhas announced about the startup of “Technopark” metro station in 2014 in the interview with “Kommersant”.

“Metro station will be placed in Zamoskvoreckaya line, which is very important for the business incubator Nagatinoi-Land as well”, - the deputy of mayor has noted.

The construction was started in summer 2013 and is developed very dramatically. The capacity of the station has been increased and will have 45 000 people per day. It is enough for the business park and neighboring project “Zil”.

Under thenew stationa part of the land Nagatinoi-Land is assigned, electricity and waterare supplied with. After opening the"Technopark" employees will be able toget out ofthe subwaydirectlyto offices.

Nagatinoi-Land: success of 2013 and new A class construction in 201417.02.2014

One of the most important events of the second half of 2013 was the transaction with JSC "MTS Bank" on lease 6385 sq. m. Total volume sold to the IV quarter of 2013 office space amounted to 11,425 sq. m. Thus, the total occupancy rate of office space in the territory NAGATINO i-Land has reached 95%.

This success of the company was awarded in the field of commercial real estate. According to the jury FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Business Park was voted as the best development project implemented in the Russian real estate market in the category "Office Property", and in the contest REX AWARDS 2013 the company was named "Developer of the Year". The competition jury called NAGATINO i-Land as a second largest urban development project office, noting that he also is the country's first banking agglomeration, which includes such giants as Raiffeisen Bank, Alpha Bank, UniCredit Bank, Investtorgbank, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg.

In the IV quarter of 2013 resumed the construction of the second stage of business park, which is scheduled for completion in 2016. Building project more than four hectares includes three Class A office buildings, two parking buildings, with a total area of about 144,000 sq. m.Thus, the total volume of commissioned office space in the business park in 2016 will be 360,000 sq. m.

Generally speaking, 2013 was for JSC " Moscow Business Incubator " significant and very successful. During this year there have been changes in the company: shareholder structure has changed, as well as the top management of the company. "In 2013we were able toachieve highsalesin the segmentof office spaceoccupancy ratecloserto the absolute maximum, almost completelyrealizedthe 1stplace. This year, wewill certainlybe the leaderin terms ofthe constructionof office space, and sellthe remainingareaof the first stage", - stated the general directorof "MBI" Igor V. Zhukov.

About the company:
JSC "Moscow Business Incubator" - real estate development company engaged in the implementation of business park Nagatinoi-Land, erected on the territory of the former factory "ZIL". The complex is situated close to the center of Moscow, near major highways, 8 km south of the Kremlin, 1.8 km from the Third Ring Road and 100 meters from Andropov avenue. Business Park covers an area of 32 hectares, the project is implemented in a 5 queues landmark building, the total project area of over 1 million sq. m.

Today the first stage of the business center is completedand 216,000 sq.m. iscommissioned. In 2013 JSC "MBI" started the construction of the second stage and the subsequent formation of the concept of building queues.

The new resident of Nagatino i-Land!26.11.2013

The company MTS Bank became the new resident of Nagatino i-Land. The Bank has leased 6 385,7 sq.m. of the office space on four floors in BC Newton. The Bank's primary business consists in the implementation of the settlement and cash services, operations with securities, precious metals, foreign currencies and derivative instruments, originating loans and guarantees, and raising funds in deposits.

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

New resident of Nagatino i-Land15.11.2013

There is a new resident In Nagatino i-Land business park. The JSC Erkon Technology company got office of 850 sq.m. in BC "Newton"/ The company is specialized in area of creation and installation of buildings engineering systems complex and constructions of industrial, commercial and civil engineering.

Financial side of transactions isn't disclosed.

Nagatino i-Land is the best realized project on the Russian real estate market!11.09.2013

September 10, 2013. Nagatino i-Land Business Park is recognized as the best realized project in the Russian real estate market by FIABCI Prix d'Excellence. The Office Real Estate nomination is the first stage of the international competition FIABCI Prix d'Excellence, one of the most prestigious world competitions in the field of real estate.

Thanks all who supported us!

New residents at Nagatino i-Land10.09.2013

Nagatino i-Land business park has new residents. The companies RailTransHolding and Navigator purchased office facilities totaling 4051,1 sq.m of Newton BC and Lobachevskiy BC.

RailTransHolding, providing services of rail and automobile transportation, productions, repair, service and rent of railway cars, occupied 2 453,9 sq.m on 11 and 12 floors of Newton BC. Navigator company specializing on lighting products got the 13th floor of 1 597,2 sq.m in Lobachevskiy BC.

"Transactions with these companies reduced the vacant areas of Nagatino i-Land. Besides, the market positively reacted to news about Tekhnopark metro station construction. Demand for the offices of the first stage, where the exit from station will be, increased. We don't raise the price. So it is possible to predict the first stage of Nagatino i-Land will be realized completely soon! ", - Zhukov Igor, the CEO of developing company of the Nagatino i-Land project, commented.

Dubrovka metro station. The next stop is Nagatino i-Land!02.09.2013

Dear colleagues!

We organized an additional route from Dubrovka metro station!

From 07:30 AM till 09:40 AM our big buses will pick up you from a stop of the buses No. 9, 99 and 186 and drive you to Nagatino i-Land.

Schedule is here

Dear Sirs and Madams! The construction of the long-expected Technopark metro station has been started!28.08.2013

Builders started to deliver the equipment on August 26, 2013.

Remind after several delays, including on 2018, date of opening of Tekhnopark metro station is declared on the end of 2015. But actually it could happen even earlier. According to experts of JSC Mosinzhproyekt and State Unitary Enterprise Moscow Metro, they have a task to complete the object in 2014.

An appointment of Igor Zhukov a CEO of MBI JSC, developer of Nagatino i-Land business park.25.06.2013

Igor Zhukov was appointed CEO of Moskovsky business inkubator JSC, a developer the Nagatino i-Land business park, on June 24, 2013.

Mr. Zhukov is the skilled manager. He worked in the field of development of residential and commercial real estate since 1988. Among the realized projects there are objects of Romanov Group and BEL Develoment, the program "National Garage", the Olympic objects of Sochi and "Krasnogorskie kluchi" residential object.

"My main goal is to strength positions of the company by my administrative experience and experience of new shareholders of the company", - Igor Zhukov, CEO of Moskovsky business inkubator JSC, said.

"I hope to keep completely not only unique team of the project, but also responsible, decent and constructive relationship with residents and business partner of the project. And to bring new ideas to development of Nagatino i-Land, the project of city-planning value", - the new head of JSC MBI emphasized.

Nagatino i-Land metro station will be accelerated04.06.2013

After several delays, including on 2018, date of opening of Tekhnopark metro station is declared on the end of 2015. But actually it could happen even earlier. According to experts of JSC Mosinzhproyekt and State Unitary Enterprise Moscow Metro, they have a task to complete the object in 2014.

The original project of station (pyramid from glass and metal) is changed to simpler, economic and fast in realization project. Capacity of station is increased and will be nearly 45 000 people per day. This volume will suffice both on business park, and on the adjacent project "Poluostrov ZIL".

"For several years we heard all news about "our" metro station. Off course completion in 2014 is an excellent news! ", - Irina Singayevskaya, the deputy director general for economy and finance of JSC MBI, told. "The Nagatino i-Land business park management company already provided builders with connection to electricity and water. Besides, we subleased a part of our land plot for an entrance of the station. After opening the employees will leave the subway directly to offices. The traffic on adjacent streets will unload. For us it is good incentive to development!".

Nagatino i-Land developer is a Developer of the year!25.04.2013

Nagatino i-Land developer recognized as a Developer of the 2012 year by the REX AWARDS. Juries estimated results of activity of developer:

1 . Second-large office project of the city

2 . The first stage of Nagatino i-Land is done

3 . The first bank agglomeration in the country:

o Raiffeisenbank

o Alfa-Bank

o UniCredit Bank

• Investtorgbank

• Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

4 . The most sold project in 2012 - 55’845 sq.m.

5 . The Moscow's first private engineering infrastructure.

6 . Vacancy rate – only 5%

7 . Building of the second turn (4,1 hectares, 2015 completion) is begun

This award is the merit of the project team! We are the champions!

Company-developer of business-park Nagatino i-Land named “Developer of the Year”!25.04.2013

On April 25 awards were delivered to winners of the REX AWARDS 2013 contest, organized as part of the X International commercial real estate exhibition REX-2013. Named “Developer of the year” was the company-developer of business-park Nagatino i-Land! The prize jury and market peers accurately assessed the project team’s results:

Second largest urban development office project

Completion of Nagatino i-Land’s first phase

Country’s first banking agglomeration:





Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg

Leader by volume of premises sold in 2012 – 55,845 sq.m

In place is Moscow’s first private utilities infrastructure in commercial real estate, financed, built and managed by the developer. It is used today not only by the business-park’s residents, but also by its “neighbors” in Nagatinskaya floodplain.

Nagatino i-Land charity fund21.03.2013

Friends, every day we encounter situations where people need help, such as an urgent surgery, expensive treatment and social adaptation. Mass media outlets are involved, money is collected, relatives and friends seek volunteers, asking for help from organizations. And oftentimes the problem is solved through emergency procedures – one-time transfers and one-off help. Precisely the need for systemic, continuous charity activities and, undoubtedly, personal convictions and principles led us to the idea of creating a charity fund for business-park Nagatino i-Land.

Of course, this idea wasn’t out of the blue. Every year we donated money to charity funds, since we understood that the most effective help would be large, accumulated sums and skillful management. The flood in Krymsk, one of the most destructive in Kuban’s history, deeply affected us, and thanks to the “Naked Heart” fund, we took part in restoring normal life in the region. We collaborated and continue collaborating with major charity funds, participating in drives and marathons, and we’re proud of this. To be honest, feeling like a “champion’s champion” is pleasant and likely the main motivation for many philanthropists.

However, over time just donating money became too little for us, and the idea of charity as systemic, proactive and periodic help for needy people became the mission of business-park Nagatino i-Land’s charity fund.

German economic club business-meetings at Nagatino i-Land14.03.2013

Taking place on March 28 at 19:00 at German Centre of Industry and Trade, a resident of business-park Nagatino i-Land, is the second business-meeting of the b2b-evenings cycle, organized together with the German economic club (Wirtschaftsclub Russland).

The main task of the business-meetings is to create a platform for exchanging contacts and supporting ties between business-park residents, members of the German economic club and those companies intending to enter the Russian market. Planned as part of the events are speeches by top executives from leading German companies on the topic of developing business in Russia, discussing current economic issues and exchanging experience, including on relationships with Russia’s government entities. “Business-parks always provide platforms for socializing and exchanging opinons. A meeting of such a vast number of companies from different sectors will serve to inspire innovations in their business”, says Volkmar Klaus, CEO of OOO FDMA Russ Servis.

German clinics at Nagatino i-Land10.03.2013

Opening at Nagatino i-Land is a representative office of ARUMED, providing such services as diagnostic evaluation and undergoing treatment in Germany at leading medical centers and clinics in Bonn.

“We started collaborating with Nagatino i-Land on the recommendation of Investtradebank, whose employees have long used our services. Therefore, we started receiving inquiries from employees of the business-park’s other companies”, said Artur Artyunov, head of ARUMED. In addition, concentrated precisely in offices are many of the people who incur the traditional “office” ailments – from back pain to spinal hernias and other dangerous conditions.

People having their first experience of organizing treatment abroad usually have a number of questions: where to begin, whom to contact, how to choose the right clinic, which language to speak, how much the treatment will ultimately cost, and how it will be different from treatment in Russia. Working to answer these questions is the company ARUMED. Employees examine the sickness and treatment history, suggest a clinic specializing in this area, prepare transfer of the necessary paperwork, solve all questions regarding the patient’s meeting and stay in Germany, including accompaniment throughout anesthetics, in the surgery hall, in the intensive therapy unit and the post-surgery period.

“Our own health and that of loved ones is the dearest thing we have”, said Artur Artyunov. “Germany today is a leading country in terms of caliber of medical technologies, research and personnel qualifications. In particular, for example, thanks to the use in German clinics of unique apparatuses, we’re able to do high-precision research that allows for diagnosing illnesses at the very earliest stages. For example, heart inspection is done in a matter of seconds without having to perform coronary angiography, while the resulting pictures not only allow for seeing the heart from all sides, but also “glancing” into artery apertures. We have technology for injections that allows for positioning the needle at the desired point with accuracy up to one millimeter. Also treated will be small, irritated spinal joints or compressed nerve outlets. Our clients enjoy access to 3T high-field magnetic resonance imaging, which allows for analyzing cranial vessels with diameter of less than a millimeter. And this is hardly an exhaustive list of ARUMED’s services. In addition, in many cases through the help of leading specialists and modern technologies from German clinics, we’re able to reduce the recovery period following surgery – in comparison with analogous cases in Russia”.

When you combine the specialists’ unrivaled professionalism with German responsibility, neatness and precision – you understand why medical tourism and treatment in Germany enjoy such popularity among our compatriots. And with the opening of the company’s branch at Nagatino i-Land, it becomes much closer still: consultation can be received even during lunch breaks.

Nagatino i-Land opens showrooms of famous German footwear companies21.02.2013

Now operating at business-park Nagatino i-Land, in the German Centre of Industry and Trade, are showrooms from fashion brands Peter Kaiser, Romika, Marc, Idana, Josef Seibel, Paul Green, Bugatti, Tamaris, Caprice, Marco Tozzi, Jana, and S`Oliver.

The concentration of showrooms of 12 brands in one place is optimal primarily for purchase specialists from retail companies. Vitaly Yamanov, commercial director at the store chain Komfort-obuv, confirms: “We welcome and support the creation of a center where in one place we can both select and order goods. I’d like to note the convenient location alongside the Third Ring Motorway”.

“Business-parks provide a universally comfortable atmosphere for any business. These new residents are the fashion industry’s first representatives at Nagatino i-Land, and we hope they will like it here”, said Natalya Proskurina, head of PR and advertising at business-park Nagatino i-Land.

Cheer for us!20.02.2013
Colleagues and friends, surely you have heard that Nagatino i-Land was the most prodigiously-sold office property in Moscow during 2012. Therefore, we had every reason to submit two purchases at BC Menger and Pascal to receive the CRE Awards prize in the nomination “Deal of the Year”. And although the jury makes the decision, we will be happy if you cheer us on!
Support us!20.02.2013

Colleagues and friends! Hope you know Nagatino i-Land became the most purchased office object of the capital in 2012. We nominate 2 deals with Menger and Pascal business centers for Deal of the Year, CRE Awards. And though the decision makes by jury, we will be glad if you will support us!

Pancake Friday!19.02.2013

We invite all of our residents on Pancake Friday, March 15! Let’s say goodbye to Winter and meet Spring! National games and entertainments, competitions and prizes, Russian three-horses riding, folk-artists, buffoons and traditional burning of Shrovetide symbol are in the program. And certainly, pancakes, tea, mulled wine and other delicacies by "PRIME" and "YUPPIE"!

The event will take place on Friday March 15, 2013, on the business park territory, from 12:00 PM till 02:30 PM.

The event is organized by Mo-Media, Ltd., the official advertising&PR operator of Nagatino i-Land business park.

Broad Maslenitsa!19.02.2013

We invite all employees from business-park company-residents on March 15 to a holiday for seeing off winter and greeting spring – Broad Maslenitsa! Gastronomical, outdoor-festive, musical Maslenitsa is the happiest holiday! The program includes folk games and amusements, competitions and prizes, riding in Russian troikas, performances by folkloric collectives, jokes by merry saltimbancos and the traditional burning of Maslenitsa to signal farewell to winter. And, of course, pancakes, mulled wine and other delicacies from confectionaries and chefs from cafe PRIME and YAPPI at special prices!

The festival will take place on Friday, March 15, 2013 at the business-park from 12:00 to 14:30.

Organizing the event is OOO Mo-Media, official operator of advertising and PR services at business-park Nagatino i-Land.

Nagatino i-Land’s commercial director makes third appearance on CRE Awards jury19.02.2013

Sergey Kanaev, the business park’s commercial director, for the third consecutive year has joined the expert jury of the industrial development prize CRE Awards.

“This is an honorable, pleasant and simultaneously responsible obligation – to select the best property, team or person on the market. Completed as of today is the first, online phase of selecting nominees. Hopefully, during the second, in-person phase, participants will show their properties from the maximally advantageous side! In any case, participation in the prize is a positive experience for the project team, regardless of the ‘scorecard’”, Sergey said.

Сommercial director of Nagatino i-Land became a member of CRE Awards jury the third time19.02.2013

Sergey Kanaev, the commercial director of business park, became a member of the professional award CRE Awards jury the third time.

«It is honorable, pleasant and at the same time very responsible duty to choose the best in the market. The first, online part of judgment is complete. Hope participants will present the objects from the best side at the second part! Anyway participation is a positive experience for project team», - Sergey told.

Holiday Inn Nagatino i-Land14.02.2013

InterContinental Hotels Group, the largest international hotel operator, plans to open new 3-stars Holiday Inn hotel in Nagatino-i-Land business park. Completion is planned for 2014. The hotel will be on 250 numbers including luxury, improved, standard rooms, rooms for disabled people and apartments (optionally). Capacity is nearly 500 persons per day. Positioning of a new hotel is for the residents of business park and traveling businessmen. According to researches, the number of rooms of Moscow is estimated at only 48000 numbers. Besides, around Nagatino i-Land arrangement for today there are no good hotels on the average a price segment. Therefore experts estimate hotel in Nagatino i-Land as very perspective.

2012 results for Nagatino i-Land in numbers26.12.2012

• 1st place by number of facilities sold on Moscow’s office market

• 5 bank residents – LBBW, Investtradebank, UniCredit Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Alfa-Bank

• 11 new owners

• Start of 2nd phase

Office Dialogue in Nagatino i-Land03.12.2012

«Office Dialogue: Trends and Practices» conference which became a meeting of architects and interior corporate customers, developers and suppliers was in November, 20, Nagatino i-Land business park.

The first part of the conference was about analysis of trends in corporate interiors and promising innovations «Orgatec-2012» exhibition (Cologne). In the second part there were short presentations and discussions of practical issues related to the optimization of the leased premises, the design of offices and alignment alterations.

In online discussions attended CEO and top managers of major Russian and Western companies, developers, and other representatives of the UK commercial property market experts.

The partners of the conference was: Nagatino i-Land, Concept, Office Solutions, Solo Office Interiors, Büromöbel. The event was held under an informational support CRE, portals,

Invitation to exhibition from Finnish artist Ari Harju22.11.2012


We invite you to an exhibition from Finnish artist Ari Harju at BC “Lomonosov”, located at business-park Nagatino i-Land. Not only will you be able to see the artist’s collection, but also purchase your favorite pictures. Presented for visitors’ attention will be paintings drawn with oil and acrylic, as well as pictures drawn in graphic style.

Ari Harju was born in Kotka, Finland in 1954 and currently lives and works in Espoo. He studied in Helsinki at the Free Art Institute (Vapaa Taidekoulu) and at the Art Institute in Liminka (Limingan Taidekoulu). Since 1982 he had been annually exhibiting in Finland and abroad. He first worked in the abstract expressionist genre in the 1990s.

Office Dialogue at Nagatino i-Land06.11.2012

Taking place on November 20 at Nagatinoi-Land in the German Center of Industry and Trade is the conference “Office Dialogue: Theory and Practice”, whose main task is to summarize advanced trends in office design and discuss their realization in practice.

In the program:

  • Overview of advanced trends in the sphere of office design
  • Blitz presentations and answers to practical questions from leading sector specialists: architects, builders and project managers – recipients of the Best Office Awards prizes
  • Ergonomic battle: test-drive and open voting for the best seat for the top manager

Time: November 20, Tuesday, 9:30 – 14:30

Location: Nagatino i-Land business park, 18 Andropov prospekt, bld.6 German Center of Industry and Trade

Participation for all clients is complimentary provided advance registration, as well as receipt of invitations from the organizers. Participation of providers, media representatives and other categories is restricted.

Conference program and registration are on the portal

Nagatino i-Land – “Attractive employer”!23.10.2012

Attractive employer Moscow Business-Incubator, developer of Nagatino i-Land business park, reconfirmed the status of “Attractive employer – 2012” as part of research conducted by portal among company-developers operating in Russia. portal has since 2009 made note of our methods for attracting and working with personnel, and the company’s stability on the market.

“It’s very pleasant for us to realize that the company’s personnel policy is recognized as one of the best on the Russian market! In my opinion, this is well-earned. Not only do we offer work in a company conducting one of the most interesting and far-reaching development projects in the country; we also provide the opportunity for growth, a worthy and ‘transparent’ salary in a professional and amicable team”, shared Natalya Troshina, head of HR division at Moscow Business-Incubator.

Recruitment among employers was conducted not only in terms of remuneration levels, which should be at least the market-average, but also, among other things, in terms of the number of direct responses and viewings of the employer’s page on the portal’s website and absence of co-candidates’ complaints regarding the employer’s non-fulfillment of the labor agreement’s terms. And during 2012 the developer of Nagatino i-Land was recognized as “Attractive employer” together with other company-sector leaders in Russia’s compatriot and international economies.

Nagatino i-Land – participant in the INTERCOMM competition!01.10.2012

Nagatino i-Land has participated in the INTERCOMM-2012 competition, determining the best internal corporate communications campaigns.

According to the jury, despite the fact that the project for the single information network of Nagatino i-Land started just a year ago, we’ve posted a worthy result. Precisely because of this, we were able to compete with such “monsters” of Russia’s economy as:, Rosselkhozbank, DHL Express, VimpelCom, MTS, Russian Railways, and the combined RUSAL Co.

We hope that next year we’ll become not only nominees, but also prize-winners!

We won the competition “City for all”!07.09.2012

Nagatinoi-Land has won the Moscow competition “City for all”. Every year the jury selects Moscow properties of various designations, which provide ideal conditions for people with limited capabilities. Recognized as the best in the nomination “office centers and businesses” was Nagatino i-Land.

The competition “City for everyone” has been held in Moscow since 2009. The Moscow Government acts as organizer. Participating in the competition are all properties that have set up comfortable conditions for citizens with limited capabilities. The number of this group, according to the authorities’ data totals approximately 1.2m people.

“Back during the drafting phase, special attention was paid to the property’s convenience and accessibility for limited-mobility visitors – the business-park’s building is equipped with ramps, spacious elevators and special toilets”, commented Natalya Proskurina, head of advertising and public relations division. “World without borders” for people with limited capabilities – this is a clear trend, and we happily support it. For us it’s important that everyone may feel comfortable at Nagatino i-land and in our offices. And we’re grateful to Moscow Government that these initiatives are supported!”

YUPPIE opens up at Nagatino i-Land08.07.2012

Opening its doors in the summer of 2012 at Nagatino i-Land was the 897-sqm supermarket YUPPIE. It was set up in one of the business park’s buildings, on the first floor of BC Lomonosov.

For the Moscow market this is a new format – cafe, catering and store, combining the ideas of high-quality, healthy and simultaneously tasty dining. The supermarket places emphasis on its own manufacturing. A full cycle bakery is provided, where everything is prepared on-site, a confectionary producing fresh, sweet products, beginning with pancakes and ending with pies. At the store it’s possible to purchase items made of fresh fish and meat, a broad assortment of vegetables and fruits. There’s a specially designed line of food-to-go products and industrial goods necessary in everyday life. The restaurant operates its own salad bar, where it’s possible to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. “Yuppie is an American word, an abbreviation for Young Urban Professional Person. One criterion of belonging to yuppies is success in business. At Nagatino i-Land we’re fully surrounded by such yuppies, so the business park format and our format coincide. Office employees should have the fully realized right to choose where to eat, and the right to take fresh products home. However, there are objective Moscow difficulties – after work it’s necessary to go to the store, park and find the necessary groceries. The concept of the YUPPIE store accounts for all of these problems. Office employees can now receive a worthy product at a worthy price”, says Alexey Demin, director of YUPPIE.

Natalya Proskurina, head of public relations division at business park Nagatinoi-Land comments: “YUPPIE is an absolutely new format for Moscow, where, despite the seeming abundance, it’s very difficult to find this caliber of offer. Their perfectionism in everything is impressive – from the quality of products and assortment to service. And it’s especially pleasant for us that the chain’s first store in Moscow has opened at Nagatino i-Land”.

Alfa-Bank announces the purchase of Pascal BC at Nagatino i-Land20.06.2012

Alfa bank has announced the signing of an agreement to purchase business center Pascal, part of the first phase of Nagatino i-Land business park. Deal completion is expected in July 2012. The purchase of the new building will make it possible to optimize part of the Bank’s administrative expenses.

The new, 11-story 23,000-sqm office will accommodate 2400 employees from the Bank’s various structural subdivisions. Relocation is planned for summer 2013 after the completion of necessary design and finishing work.

Jones Lang LaSalle acted as the deal’s broker.

Alfa-Bank long sought a new office to combine our subdivisions, which are currently quite spatially disparate. Eventually we chose the building at Nagatino i-Land. This property conforms to our requirements for location, quality of construction and infrastructure”, noted Andrey Sokolov, Board Chairman Alfa-Bank.

“Alfa-Bank is the fifth large bank to open an office at Nagatino i-Land”, said Andrey Astakhov, CEO at company-developer Nagatino i-Land. “The deal was prepared in just three months. Given the deal’s sheer scale, it’s possible to say for sure that this is a record for the commercial real estate market. I’d like to separately mention the professionalism, constructive diligence and meticulousness of Alfa-Bank’s management, which makes their decision in our favor all the more pleasant and honorable!”

Valentin Stobetsky, regional director, head of group for operations with office facilities at Jones Lang LaSalle, Russia and CIS, commented: “We faced the task of accumulating in one high-quality property all of Alfa-Bank’s back offices, which presently occupy spaces at different buildings under leasing rights. Jones Lang LaSalle analyzed the amount of supply on Moscow’s office real estate market in search of a property that would satisfy Alfa-Bank’s technical and financial requirements. The choice was made for Nagatino i-Land, completed and ready for finishing. Located near the city center, several minutes from the Third Transport Ring, with the likelihood of the opening of Technopark subway station in walking distance from the complex, Nagatinoi-Land is the ideal variant for accommodating companies’ back offices”.

Plus 30 minutes’ sleep!04.06.2012

Great news! Queues for shuttle buses during morning and evening hours are cancelled.

Beginning June 4, from Komsomolskaya subway stop during the morning and evening hours an additional bus will operate with capacity of up to 100 passengers.

  • Morning departure from Komsomolskaya – at 08:10 and 08:40
  • Evening departure from the business park – at 17:10 and 18:10

The number of residents at the business park is inexorably rising. This delightful fact was slightly tarnished by the lines for shuttle buses, which appeared during the morning and evening rush hours, whereas daytime shuttles traveled half-empty. Introducing additional vans would place a financial burden upon the owners’ shoulders, which we consider a sub-optimal solution.

The business-park's management company found a compromise – and signed a partnership agreement with the neighboring bus park.

“Heavy artillery” was added to battle with morning and evening queues – a capacious bus, while residents will be able to spend a half hour of their morning on more pleasant things, such as drinking coffee in the park’s coffee shop at the Lomonosov building, or simply sleeping in.

Let’s go!

Nagatino i-Land advertisement joins WOW Awards01.06.2012

Nagatino i-Land’s advertisement participated in the WOW Awards, prizes “determining the best advertising projects of development companies”.

To vote for us please do the following:

  1. Register on (or sign in)
  2. Join the group Repa
  3. Find our advertisement in the nominations:
    • Wow outside advertisement
    • Wow banner
    • Wow radio advertisement
  4. Vote

Forza! Go forward! Ole-Ole!

Raiffeisenbank occupies building at Nagatino i-Land28.05.2012

Raiffeisenbank will be located in the 11-story 24,495-sqm new building at Nagatino i-Land business park. The new office will be the second main building of Raiffeisenbank. This decision was taken for the optimization of costs and higher business effectiveness through the consolidation of different bank divisions in one building. Furthermore, one of the key factors was the office’s open space layout.

BC Menger, where Raiffeisenbank’s back office will be quartered, is part of Nagatino i-Land’s first phase (total area – 216,000 sq.m).

“More than five years ago, we took the decision to consolidate our back offices in one building”, said Gert Hebenshtreit, member of management, head of the directorate for documenting and accounting of banking operations and information technologies, Raiffeisenbank. “Since then, we’ve searched for an appropriate variant. Ultimately, we made our selection in favor of Menger BC, part of Nagatinoi-Land park. This property fully satisfied our high requirements to the quality of construction and the property’s location”.

“We view Raiffeisenbank’s decision to choose a building at the business park as a sign of high recognition”, commented Andrey Astakhov, CEO at Nagatino i-Land company-developer. “Raiffeisenbank is the fourth largest bank to open an office at the business park. Nagatino i-Land is today turning into a Moscow financial oasis. For several dozens of years I have worked in banking, and I’m very impressed by the selectiveness of financial institutions when choosing real estate properties, their contemplation, judiciousness, meticulousness and attentive attitude towards the deal’s details. As of today, banks are our biggest residents, and if the capital plans in the near future to strengthen their positions as a financial center, then why not begin realizing these plans here at Nagatino i-Land?”

The deal’s financial aspects haven’t been disclosed.

Raiffeisenbank is a subsidiary structure of Raiffeisen Bank International AG, holding 10th place in terms of total assets under the results for Q1 of 2012 (Interfax-CEA). According to data from Interfax-CEA, Raiffeisenbank ranks 5th in Russia by total assets of individuals and 10th by total loans for individuals according to 1Q 2012 results. Raiffeisen Bank International AG is the leading corporate and investment bank on financial markets in Austria and in CEE. In Central and Eastern Europe, Raiffeisen Bank International manages a broad network of subsidiary banks, leasing companies and a broad range of providers of other specialized financial services in 17 markets. Raiffeisen Bank International is the only Austrian bank operating in world financial centers as well as the Asian market, its next center of attention. Approximately 59k Bank employees service approximately 13.8m clients through 2,900 branch offices, most of which are located in CEE. Raiffeisen Bank International is a fully consolidated subsidiary structure of Raiffeisen Central Bank Austria AG (RCB), owning approximately 78.5% of the common stock quoted on Vienna Stock Exchange, with the remainder of shares traded in free float. RCB is the central institution of Austrian banking group Raiffeisen, the largest banking group in the country, and acts as the head office of the entire RCB Group, including Raiffeisen Bank International.

More detailed information is available on the official website of Raiffeisenbank.

Vagif Allakhverdi-Ogly Asadov, deputy director of Moscow business incubator, passes away21.05.2012

On May 20, Vagif A-O. Asadov, deputy director at OJSC Moscow business incubator, died at the age of 55.

Vagif always said: “One must live a full life!” And that’s exactly how he lived – he actively worked, enthusiastically hunted, and was sincerely interested in his colleagues’ affairs. The work of Mr Asadov and his subdivision ensured the complicated work of an enormous team. He embodied the best qualities of a top manager – vigor, responsibility, exactingness, timeliness, and orientation on results.

Since 2003, we’ve had the honor of working together. Energetic, charismatic Vagif was able at the required moment to provide support in word and deed. He was an excellent manager, outstanding colleague, loving husband, father and grandfather. Despite all his severe health problems, Vagif Asadov until his last day participated in the company’s life. We believed he would overcome his ailment…

New residents at Nagatino i-Land15.05.2012

Nagatino i-Land business park has new residents. The companies RST-Technologies and Prima-Telecom purchased office facilities totaling 291.1 sq.m on the 5th floor of Newton BC.

RST-Technologies, which handles technical experiments, research and certification, has occupied 168.4 sq.m at BC Newton, 5th floor. Their neighbor on the floor (122.7 sq.m) is Prima-Telecom, which handles development and manufacturing of antenna-feed devices for radio-television transmission equipment of various frequency ranges, as well as delivery, assembly and implementation of equipment for modern systems of above-ground digital television and radio broadcasting.

“The majority of our residents are medium-sized businesses, which, like major transnational companies, require advanced communications, developed infrastructure, and, along with that, small facilities. We’ve responded to this demand, offered the market several small blocks in our class B+ business centers and today we’re happy to say that practically all of them have been purchased. We’re excited about the new residents and hope that at Nagatino i-Land they’ll be able to conduct business successfully!” said Sergey Kanaev, commercial director at the business park.

Nagatinoi-Land wins the REX Awards-2012 in “Office. ClassB” nomination25.04.2012

On April 25, 2012, Nagatino i-Land won the REX Awards-2012 prize in the “Office. Class B” nomination.

REX Awards is a prize awarding contest in commercial real estate aimed at identifying the market’s best achievements and awarding properties whose high caliber will be assessed by the professional community of the international commercial property show with the participation of an expert jury. A decision on the award takes place over the course of several stages; at first members of the professional community cast their votes, and then the professional jury pronounces its verdict.

“It’s very pleasant for us that the market experts have highly rated the professionalism of the team at Nagatinoi-Land and recognized our project as the best office property on the class B market. It goes without saying; we absolutely agree with them!” said Sergey Kanaev, commercial director at Nagatino i-Land business park.

Informational letter17.04.2012

As reported in the media, overnight between April 16 and 17, 2012, there occurred destruction of the structures of buildings under construction, located on Proektiruemy proezd, № 4062, in Nagatinsky floodplain district. This building is located at OJSC “Test-experimental factory ‘Greifer’” and belongs to the mutual fund “Gorizont”.

To prevent any confusion that may arise due to the use in the media of the name ‘business incubator’ and territorial proximity of the event to our project, we report that all buildings of business-park Nagatino i-Land’s completed first phase (216,000 sq.m, 8 buildings), are intact, built in accordance with all norms passed by the state commission and for several years operated by the owners – operating therein are the offices of more than 30 Russian and foreign companies. The project’s second phase is in the stage of land plot preparation for construction; we have not yet commenced construction of buildings.

All the construction and installation work conducted by the project developer, Moscow Business Incubator, is preliminarily agreed in accordance with existing legislation and compulsorily insured.

“We express our sincere sympathy to the builders affected. Once again I call upon my workplace colleagues to observe all security norms during construction projects. At the same time, we involuntarily bear reputational risks which may arise due to the disaster’s proximity to our project, so I once again call to your attention that the building under construction belongs to the investment fund “Gorizont”, is not located within business park Nagatino i-Land and is neither part of it nor one of our projects”, stressed Galina Kharnakhoeva, press secretary of the business park.

New Board of Directors Chairman at Nagatino i-Land 12.04.201212.04.2012

The Board of Directors of Moscow business-incubator (developer of the Nagatino i-land project) has been headed by Andrey Shapovalyants. He replaces in this post Evgeny Yegorov, former minister of Moscow’s Government, professor, PhD in economics, who passed away in March 2012.

“Chairman of the Board of Directors is one of the company’s key figures. Its importance is especially increasing right now, when we’re completing sales in the first phase of Nagatino i-land and beginning construction on the second phase”, commented Andrey Astakhov, CEO of Moscow Business-Incubator.

Mr Shapovalyanz is a member of the Russian cabinet, former RF economics minister (1998-2000), PhD in economics. In various years, he has held the positions of deputy chairman of the Intergovernmental commission for realization of the General framework of dispersion within the RF and for urban planning, deputy chairman of the Commission for government support of Russia’s regions; headed the RF Government Commission for Asia Pacific economic cooperation’s forum; was the national coordinator for ensuring the RF’s interactions with the Commission of European communities for technical facilitation.

In the capacity of economics minister Mr Shapovalyants was the deputy manager from the RF at the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development and Multilateral Agency for Investment Guarantees, as well as manager from the RF in the EBRD, manager from the RF in the Black Sea Bank of Trade and Development. In 1999 he was elected chairman of the Board of Directors at KAMAZ.

UniCredit Bank moves to Newton BC 11.04.201211.04.2012

The Russian representative office of the international banking structure has purchased approximately 12,000 sq.m of space at Nagatino i-Land to accommodate back office employees. UniCredit Bank’s new office is located in one of the project’s tallest buildings – the 20-story business center Newton. Due to the relocation of the business park’s management company, the shuttle bus traffic route was adjusted, while the opening of the corporate dining establishment Apelsin was specially scheduled for the start of operations at UniCredit Bank’s office.

UniCredit Bank is the third financial structure at the business park. Today the offices at Nagatino i-Land have three banks, two of which are international.

With bonus!03.04.2012

The first phase of business park Nagatino i-Land, including the business centers Lobachevsky, Lomonosov, Jaspers, Newton, Pascal, and Menger were confirmed at class B+. The certified commission of the All-Russia Property Managers and Developers Guild, which developed and passed the base classification of office and business centers within Russia according to 50 parameters, examined the first-phase business centers at Nagatino i-Land. As a result, the office component of the business park has been confirmed as class B+!

As of today, according to various estimates, up to 20% of Moscow’s office real estate doesn’t correspond to the stated class rating. Confirmation of class from an authoritative, independent commission provides further evidence of Nagatino i-Land’s status.

“Year of operations for free” promo drive extended30.03.2012

The promo drive “Year of Operations for free!” started on March 1 has been extended until April 30. As a reminder, according to the promotion’s rules, office operation services are provided as a gratuity for one year. The amount of the discount depends upon the size of the purchased facility. The drive is applicable upon the purchase of premises from 110 sq.m (office unit) to 1765 sq.m (entire floor) at the business centers Newton and Lobachevsky.

“Our promotion has resonated well and greatly interested buyers, which is precisely what motivated us to prolong the offer”, said Tatyana Chulkova, head of sales division at Nagatino i-Land.

Moscow business-incubator’s Board Chairman passes away21.03.2012

Yesterday, March 20, Evgeny Vladimirovich Yegorov, PhD in economics, professor, acclaimed Russian economist, former Minister of Moscow’s Government, died at the age of 75.

The deceased will be remembered as a prodigious, smart and experienced director, refined strategist, reliable mentor, wise advisor and simply outstanding, vibrant person.

In one of his last interviews, he said, “Happiness is being needed”. And in this deep sense he was, to be sure, quite a happy and demanded person over the course of his life.

Over these 7 years, he was kindly called “grandpa” among his team – not only in token of respect for his mind, wisdom, achievements and experience, but also his ability to listen and hear.

Evgeny’s kindness and authentic sincerity always predisposed others towards him from the very first minute of acquaintanceship: he had the talent of currying the affinity between people of all ages and statures.

Despite all the challenges, Evgeny was always a very strong and masculine person, and up until the last day we believed that he would overcome his illness.

Today, we, his colleagues – remember and grieve…

Biographical reference

E.V. Egorov was born in 1938 in Moscow.

After graduating from N.E. Bauman MVTU University, Mr Yegorov worked as the head of the mathematical methods and models division at CSRI Agat at Shipbuilding Ministry of the USSR. After that, he held the positions of director for GIVT, Ministry of industrial construction USSR, deputy director SRI for construction economics, Gosstroy USSR, head builder of the CNII Center of the USSR ministry of shipbuilding industry, deputy director of VNII Gosstroi USSR.

Beginning in 1992, worked in the RF Government Apparatus as sector leader, first deputy division leader for organization of management, property and entrepreneurialism.

In 1993 he was appointed director of the Department for support and development of small business, Moscow Government. From 1995 to 2005, E.V. Yegorov was Minister of Moscow’s Government, director of the Department for support and development of small business.

He was awarded orders and medals from the Russian Federation.

From October 2005 until his final day, Evgeny continuously held the position of Board of Directors Chairman, Moscow Business Incubator, and was a key participant in the construction and development of Nagatino i-Land technology park.

Apelsin at business center Newton Nagatino i-Land20.03.2012

Opened on March 20, 2012 Nagatino i-Land Newton, one of the tallest business centers (20 floors), was the corporate dining establishment Apelsin. The 2140-sqm restaurant is located on the first and second floors. The owner of the trademark is OOO LunchPremium, which specially for the servicing of business centers created the new trademark Apelsin and developed a new corporate style, satisfying the requirements of modern business culture. The chain has existed for three years and owns six establishments. It comprises four premium-class cafeterias, a restaurant and night club.

The concept of LunchPremium is the organization of corporate dining from breakfast until dinner, providing hot meals outside of the office, greeting guests with restaurant-served meals, organizing celebratory events on-site at your favorite company.

Apelsin cafe has its own Gourmet zone, where dishes from Italian, Japanese and European fare are cooked directly before visitors. The menu’s technological base numbers more than 3000 items and includes dishes from traditional Russian, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisine. The average cost of lunch varies from 200 to 350 rubles, depending upon the guest’s gastronomical preferences.

“We are geared towards both providing catering at workplaces which emphasize high culinary standards on the menu together with moderate prices, as well as providing office dining at business centers with heightened requirements to gastronomical comfort”, comments Sergey Li, CEO at OOO LunchPremium.

According to Natalya Proskurina, head of advertising and public relations division at Nagatino i-Land, the success of any business park depends upon the degree to which people are comfortable working in it. “To be sure, cafeterias are a very important part of any BC’s infrastructure. Operating today on the business park’s grounds are two absolutely different, large corporate restaurants and coffee shops. Many dishes can be taken to-go. Opening soon at Nagatino i-Land is Moscow’s first Yuppie supermarket with its own cafe and one more restaurant. And the competition here is only in favor of the end user. The comfortable working conditions, diversity of dining concepts and walking distance to dining establishments – these are our clear advantages”, Natalya Proskurina said.

Operate – don’t over-operate!29.02.2012

Taking place from March 1 to 31 at Nagatinoi-Land is the drive “Year of Operations for Free!” This is the second phase of the campaign in which the buyers of offices at the business centers Lobachevsky or Newton will be provided with office operation services for one year for free.

The amount of the discount depends upon the size of the purchased facility. For example, when buying a 1765-sqm office at BC Newton, it’s as much as $132,000.

Company-residents can use the money they’ve saved to pay for annual fitness club memberships for 80 employees, or to organize a team-building event, or to order 60,000 roses for March 8th.

The drive is applicable upon the purchase of premises with area from 110 sq.m (office) to 1765 sq.m (entire floor) at the business centers Newton and Lobachevsky.

“The economics of the drive are simple – essentially, we’re providing a discount upon the purchase”, said Irina Morozova, head of the business park’s marketing division. “The potential buyer becomes an actual owner while at the same time alleviating themselves of the need to pay for operations”.

Flowers bloom at Nagatino i-Land14.02.2012

Opened on February 14, St. Valentine’s Day, on the first floor of BC Lomonosov was the floral design studio ILEX. Now the business park’s employees will be able to purchase a beautiful bouquet without leaving the grounds of Nagatino i-Land.

The ILEX studio is the first resident of this profile on the Nagatino i-Land grounds. At the studio it will be possible to order not only any flowers, from traditional roses to exotic plants, but also designer bouquets. In addition, ILEX offers a range of services for business-florals: greenery, compositions in conference rooms and at reception, designing business events and much more.

“For us it is strategically important to be the first in the business park, whose “population” is continuously increasing. After all, business-florals are an integral part of office life. I hope that, together with the flowers, our future clients will also benefit from a good mood”, said Pavel Gorbenko, head of studio chain ILEX.

Working at the salon are certified florists, who will decorate the office, craft a bouquet to meet the most challenging requests, and, lastly, will simply make your life more pleasant!

“We’re trying to make the technology park even more comfortable for residents. The opening of the floral salon at Nagatino i-Land is the business park’s latest step as part of infrastructure development. It’s frequently necessary for big business to have “on hand” a responsive, conscionable florist contractor. We frequently order bouquets and have particular requirements to them. For us a bouquet is a way of expressing gratitude, admiration and respect. Therefore, our bouquet must be unusual, stylish and fresh. Up until today, it was necessary for us to travel to the other end of the city, stand in endless traffic jams and frequently redo bouquets. And we’re very glad that the business park now has its own salon, specializing in florist creativity”, commented Natalya Proskurina, head of advertising and public relations division at technology park Nagatino i-Land.

Promo Drive “Free parking place!”31.01.2012

Beginning February 1, the drive “Free parking place!” is starting at Nagatino i-Land business park. Parking in Moscow is a major problem. A parking spot for one’s “baby” is unlikely to be found among the hulking rows of parked cars at modern business centers. Nagatino i-Land offers a simple solution – when buying an office in February you will receive a parking space for free.

Drive forever!25.01.2012

The latest test-drive of the internet project Avtoitogi was held on January 25 at Nagatino i-Land business park. This time, journalists were to assess the Lexus CT 200h, Toyota Land Cruiser and Peugeot Partner Tepee.

According to the participants, they need to “test” the automobile innovations simultaneously and in urban conditions, against the backdrop of beautiful buildings, with the possibility of drifting, sharp acceleration and emergency braking. To be sure, a non-trivial set of requirements. “We’re glad that precisely our business park provides the testers with this opportunity. In recent time, the innovations of nearly all the leading auto makers have been tested at Nagatino i-Land. So it’s all the more pleasant to receive new requests for test drives!” said Natalya Proskurina, head of advertising and public relations at the business park.

Below are photographs from several test drives that were held at Nagatino i-Land business park.

People and animals at Nagatino i-Land24.12.2011

New Year’s is the favorite holiday of children. Therefore, the first official holiday for Nagatino i-Land’s residents was a children’s New Year’s morning.

On December 24,350 children of company-residents and their employees along with friendly neighbors went on a magical journey on a New Year’s train. The most daring had the chance to pet an actual dragon – a live iguana! The wise monkey, Mr Vato, taught etiquette to the very youngest, while dogs and cats demonstrated the wonders of obedience. Bringing particular delight, however, were the trained hedgehogs! It’s worth noting that this is the only show of its kind in the world.

In order to delight the children, the organizers booked the performance of the prickly “artists” two months in advance. Participants’ time was scheduled to the minute with cheerful contests, competitions and master-classes where everyone had the chance to make gifts for parents. The employees of Moscow Business Incubator who set up the party hope that the children, the most fastidious and trustworthy of spectators, were pleased with both the show and their gifts.

Photographs from the party are available here — login — n-iland, password — n-iland.

A video from the party may be downloaded here.

Qualitative coffee in Nagatino i-Land20.12.2011

Now you can taste real qualitative coffee in Nagatino i-Land. In November 2011 Koffein, the coffee house of a capital chain, has opened in Lomonosov business centre. You can feel the coffees’ smell from the entrance. It creates really comfortable and dynamical atmosphere at the same time. The drinks on the basis of Koffein, the original espresso mixture, occupy the central place in a coffee card. Koffein recently has become the prize-winner of the prestigious championship Nordic Roaster 2011.
Pikkolo, Pikkolo Cream, Raf with liquor of Malibu and other elegant coffee masterpieces prepared by Koffein barista, will get you accustomed to colds, will make winter more warmly and solar.
New drinks of Koffein will be prepared with magnolia-vine and honey, traditional winter components. These components will be added to the teas and other hot drinks.
The thyme and the sage will enrich Koffein’s black tea with the delicate taste and useful properties.
There is a bonus for regular customers. They will get an opportunity to receive loyality cards which stand out at purchase from 350 roubles and give the chance to drink every fifth coffee for free.

Unicredit Bank has got new office in Nagatino i-Land in25.10.2011


«We very attentively approach to a choice of the areas for Bank offices, - Michael Alekseev, Chairman of the board, Unicredit Bank, speaks. Each acquisition for us is an achievement of the greatest possible balance between convenience of office according to all our requirements and one of our main objectives – optimization of expenses on real estate. In this case all our conditions have arranged, and in the near future we will carry out moving of some Moscow divisions in Nagatino i-Land».
«I am sincerely glad to replenishment in the ranks of our residents with the international status and especially to that the large transnational bank became the new resident, - Andrey Astakhov, the general director Nagatino i-Land, has commented on the transaction. - We work much with banks and perfectly we understand, what great value for bank has a choice of a place for office and with what carefulness banks approach to this choice. For us it is very important that UniCredit Bank has made the choice in favor of Nagatino i-Land. I hope that new office it is not becomes simple a placing place, but also will help to make business even more successfully: here for this purpose there are all conditions».
Unicredit Bank – the third financial structure in business park. Today offices in Nagatino i-Land have three banks, two of which – international.
Final “Technorace” at Nagatino i-Land14.10.2011

The office opened in business-center “Lomonosov” at Moscow urban technopark Nagatino i-Land. The branch office was designed with consideration for a single style envisaged by the construction project for the entire business center. The office design includes such architectural elements unusual for the Bank’s ordinary offices as multi-level ceilings, stained glass windows, natural stone finishing, etc. The Nagatinsky supplemental office will provide the full range of services to tenants and technopark employees, as well as district residents.

Final “Technorace” at Nagatino i-Land27.09.2011

Rollerblade competitions took place on the eve of the Berlin Marathon. Participating in the races were over 50 athletes from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. The “Technorace” began with friendly warm-up laps of 300 meters, followed by two races of 10 kilometers for the “fitness” category and veterans. The competition ended with a 21-kilometer race for the category “race”.

Prevailing in the amateur category were Maria Taskina from Biysk and Vitaly Tsiganyuk from Moscow. Prevailing in the veterans category were Alexey Larionov, born in 1948, and Georgiy Bunin, born in 1945.

Prevailing among the women in the “race” category was Yulia Barakova from Vyatka, while finishing second was Mariana Selyutina from Krasnoyarsk and third – Valentina Vakhrameeva from St. Petersburg.

The surprise winner of the men’s gold was Vladimir Shishov, who previously won on the Nagatino i-Land track at the Moscow Championships. Taking silver was Russian Championship winner Dmitry Mayorov, while bronze went to Mikhail Zadere, already having to his credit the Russian Championship gold for 10 km.

“It’s becoming a valued tradition to hold rollerblading competitions at Nagatino i-Land, and it’s very satisfying for us that precisely our technopark was chosen by the Speed-skating League of the Roller Sport Federation for these goals”, says Natalya Proskurina, head of PR and advertising at Nagatino i-Land. “We believe that the extensive and well-tended territory of mixed-use complexes such as Nagatino i-Land should be maximally used at any time. People should have the opportunity to come here not only to work, but also to relax, do sports and go shopping. Infrastructure at the technopark is actively developing: we’re doing everything possible so that this 'city' is always filled with people”.

German companies at technopark Nagatino i-Land24.08.2011

Now open at technopark Nagatino i-Land is the German Centre of Industry and Trade – a business of the Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg (LBBW) concern, one of the largest owners at technopark Nagatino i-Land. The German Centre occupies a building with area of 23,000 sq.m. Located in the Centre’s building will be the offices of over 100 German companies of various activity profiles.

“The opening of German Centre in Moscow is a major event in the history of Russian-German partnership relations”, said Stefan Weiss, CEO of German Centre Moscow, commenting on the event. “Russian businessmen will have the opportunity to consider the experience of doing business in Germany. German partners, in turn, will have all the conditions for effectively developing their businesses in Russia”.

“German Centre of Industry and Trade’s opening once again underscores Nagatino i-Land’s status as an international business park. We are greatly honored that German Centre chose technopark Nagatino i-Land in particular as the location of its Moscow office”, said Sergey Kanaev, Nagatino i-Land's business manager. “Today Russian and German business are interested in each other, which owes to both countries’ business and political relationships and even the world economic situation, which is spurring the international community towards consolidating efforts. We hope that the appearance of German Centre on the territory will provide new impetus to developing cooperation between Russia and Germany”.

Techno is speed27.07.2011

Techno – this isn’t only new technologies, but also high speeds. Held in Moscow on the territory of technopark Nagatino i-Land was the Russian speed-skating championship. For years now this event has dazzled with its scale, intensive passions and breathtaking battles. The competitions were organized under the aegis of Roller-Sport Federation’s Speed-skating league.

Participating in the competitions were more than 100 people from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Omsk, Kolomna, Nizhny Novgorod and other Russian cities. Thanks to the participation of athletes from Ukraine, Belarus and Estonia, the championship earned the status of international event.

“The Nagatino i-Land territory was chosen intentionally and is ideally suitable for organizing such events. The facility offers ideal road covering, turnabouts conducive to passing, portions for intensive team battles”, noted Yuri Alexeyev, an employee of Roller Sport Federation. “We’re exploring the possibility of holding our future events at Nagatino i-Land as well”.

Nagatino i-Land’s favorable location, practically in the city center, convenient access routes, proximity to the subway and well-developed infrastructure ensured a substantial number of spectators.

“Across the world, contemporary mixed-use complexes, of the same ilk as technopark Nagatino i-Land, long ago ceased being just office centers which are vacated at 18:00 on weekdays and languish on weekends. This is a vital part of the city and neighborhood, its infrastructure and societal component, and we would like for many people always to be here – working, relaxing, engaging in shopping or athletics. Included in the technopark’s second phase will be a hotel and retail gallery, while the fifth – an athletic complex. And today at Nagatino i-Land, for example, movies are frequently filmed or different athletic events are held, such as the Moscow and Russian championships for roller sports. We are grateful to the Federation for the fact that our technopark was chosen to hold this celebrated event, and we hope the athletes are comfortable here”, said Natalya Proskurina, head of advertising and PR at technopark Nagatino i-Land, commenting on the event.

Technopark to build hotel with apartments26.05.2011

Nagatino i-Land has developed a concept for the construction of a hotel with apartments, which will be built during the project’s second phase. Construction is slated for completion by 2014.

The property will have total area of 15,500 sq.m. Of the building’s 14 stories, the first two will comprise a lobby, restaurants, conference halls and fitness, seven floors – hotel rooms, including luxury suite, while the upper floors will comprise apartments with views of Moscow River. This is planned to be a three- or four-star hotel. A search for hotel operator is currently under way. Among the companies under consideration are such operators as Starwood Hotels, Hilton Hotel Corporation and Rezidor Hotel Group.

The main requirements to the future operator are possession of a successful hotel brand, good business reputation of the operator, previous experience in hotel construction in Moscow, gained by project technical support personnel.

The developer plans to build a hotel with a higher “star” rating during the technopark’s fifth phase, along with a congress-center and athletic complex.

“We’ve long planned the hotel component of technopark Nagatino i-Land’s second phase”, said Sergey Kanaev, the technopark’s commercial director. “We explored three options – hotel, suites, and combining both formats within one building. The latter option prevailed, primarily because of its universality and as the most convenient one for the developer in the current market situation. Today we’re already seeing demand for serviced apartments among the technopark’s residents, but these spaces can be turned over to the hotel operator’s management. In my opinion, the technopark’s hotel infrastructure, like the district and city infrastructure overall, will become especially important in the run-up to the FIFA World cup in 2018”.

The project’s second phase includes the construction of six buildings with total area of 150,000 sq.m. The bulk of commercial premises will comprise offices, while the hotel will occupy a detached building; moreover, retail and service infrastructure is envisaged on the ground floors of the office buildings.


The view that opens from the upper stories and roof of business center Nagatino i-Land inspires creative people. In May the technopark’s management company was contacted by a creative student group from S.A. Gerasimov All-Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) with a request to authorize filming daybreak from the business center’s roof. VGIK’s students together with students from Barcelona Film School (ECIB) prepared a film under the working title “Znaki” (Signs). Exactly at 5:08 – the precise time when the sun rises in Nagatinsky floodplain district – a filming crew of five people was on the property’s roof and, bereft of words, saw first-hand and through the camera lens how daybreak begins. Thus the sweeping view from the technopark building’s roof became the subject of “the most important of arts”.

In the future, the short-length feature film will be shown at Russian and international cinema festivals. The movie was filmed as part of events devoted to Russia Year in Spain.

Infrastructure wisdom09.04.2011

Infrastructure at commercial real estate properties: can a hindrance become an advantage and how to make lemonade from limes – precisely these topics engendered lively discussion at the forum “Intelligent Building 2011: energy efficiency, service, management”. The event was held from April 7-8, 2011 at Swissotel conference center. The two-day event was attended by more than 350 people and included nine round tables.

Participating in the session where issues regarding the present and future of Russian technoparks were discussed was Alexander Artyukhov, director of real estate management division at Nagatino i–Land.

Speaking about the experience of building technopark Nagatino i-Land, Alexander Artyukhov noted that costly social, utilities and transport infrastructure should become the technopark project’s strategic advantages in the long-term horizon.

PR-routes to clients’ hearts29.03.2011

Marketing of MUCs was the main topic for the final block of the conference “Russian mixed-use complexes: from concept to implementation”, held on March 29 in Moscow at the Marriott hotel.

Speakers during the marketing block included representatives of the companies Sistema-Hals, Promotion Realty and Capital Group, while representing the technopark was Natalya Proskurina, head of PR and advertising at Nagatino i-Land, who spoke about why commercial real estate projects need PR, the benefits from Johann Schweitser’s team’s wall dancing and why movies should be filmed at the technopark.


For several days in March, technopark Nagatino i-Land became a veritable filming location. One of its buildings became an “elite medical clinic” in a new television series, which will soon be released on one of the federal channels. According to the lachrymose story plot, the main heroine receives a donor heart in precisely this building, and along with it – an unexpected “surprise”.

Nagatino i-Land on RBC-TV25.02.2011

Demand for office real estate has cautiously started recovering. Market experts have formed this opinion. Sergey Kanaev, Nagatino i-Land commercial director, took part in the program “Sphere of interests” on TV channel RBC.

A video recording of the program as well as transcription are available on TV channel RBC’s website.

Nagatino i-Land to build business-hotel17.01.2011
A 3-star business hotel with 150 rooms will be included in the second phase of technopark Nagatino i-Land. The concept for the hotel with apartments was developed for the technopark by Ernst & Young. According to the concept, the hotel’s infrastructure will comprise a conference zone, fitness center and lobby-bar. The hotel will also include apartments for sale. The apartments will mainly be intended for tenants (owners) of offices at the technopark acquiring apartments for company top executives. The hotel consists of a detached 14-story building, which will be located on the second development row with a view of Moscow River embankment and technopark Nagatino i-Land’s park zone. At present, in accordance with the naming concept for the technopark’s buildings, the building is titled “Pareto Hotel Complex”, but once a hotel operator is chosen the name may be changed. In January 2011 a closed tender will be held among leading hotel operators chosen by the project’s management company.
Happy New Year!29.12.2010

Dear Friends!

We congratulate you on New Year 2011!

May the year be fluffy, soft and warm, like a rabbit’s pelt. And may your endeavors be as prodigious and sensible as this animal.

Keep your ears open and wishing you abundant tasty and fresh cabbage, helpful connections and promising projects!

Construction of subway station Tekhnopark to begin in January 201120.12.2010

Construction of subway station Tekhnopark in Moscow will begin next month, as reported by Moscow’s Department for competitive policy.

Announced on the website of the Tender board is an open competition for doing construction. The starting price of the government contract for fulfilling work to create the new station totals 68.5m rubles.

“It is planned for construction to begin in January 2011, ending in December 2012. The station may be commissioned in February 2013”, according to the Department.

Source: Moscow Government Information Center

Newton’s law of gravity discovered at Nagatino i-Land15.12.2010

On today’s office market, small-space offices are a center of gravity. Technopark Nagatino i-Land was among the first to seize upon this trend, noting the popularity enjoyed by small premises at BC Lobachevsky. Small-space offices with area beginning from 100 sq.m are now offered at BC Newton.

In the fall of 2010, Nagatino i-Land conducted an experiment at BC Lobachevsky – small-sized facilities were created (from 100 sq.m). “Precisely these spaces are demanded most of all right now by small and mid-sized business”, says Sergey Kanaev, Nagatino i-Land commercial director.

Unlike the previous building, each office at this business center has a confirmed spacing of offices and separation between hallway zones and reception. Offices are offered to clients as shell & core, while all utilities systems are in place along office perimeters. Office owners may install finishing both independently and by involving the technopark’s specialists. They also may use the typical project developed expressly for Nagatino i-Land.

Technopark secures LDP13.12.2010

The technopark secured its urban development plan for all the territory of technopark Nagatino i-Land totaling 32 ha. It was developed in accordance with the new Urban Development Codex. The document was registered in place of the ARI (permitted use act), legally ineffective since passage of the new Urban Codex.

The first phase of Nagatino i-Land with total area of 216 thous sq.m opened in September 2010. Already completed is design work for the technopark’s second phase totaling approximately 145 thous sq.m; construction will begin in spring 2011.

Gratitude from buyers03.12.2010

We believe the main selling points for facilities at technopark Nagatino i-Land are an individual approach to each buyer, overwhelming attention, maximally comfortable relationships and laudable professionalism. It’s pleasant when this is noted and appreciated.

Retail center Belaya Gvardiya purchased the 14th floor of business center Lobachevsky and praised Elina Neverova, senior manager for client relations, for outstanding professionalism and enjoyable collaboration during the purchase of an office at the technopark.

Thank you! We’re always happy to help address all questions arising when selecting space for offices, and to suggest options accounting for your wishes.

Nagatino i-Land – first technopark in Moscow’s register01.12.2010

On December 1, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin visited technopark Nagatino i-Land.

This was the first visit by Moscow’s new mayor to one of the largest urban development projects. The key question during the mayor’s meeting with the technopark’s management was strategy for future development of the former industrial zone territory.

As part of his visit, Sergey Sobyanin held a staff conference at the technopark. Present at the meeting were Y.V. Roslyak, first deputy mayor of Moscow, A.V. Kuzmin, Moscow chief architect, N.A. Sergunina, head of the department for Moscow property-land relations, N.S. Lyamov, deputy mayor for transport development and road construction, E.B. Balashov, deputy head of Moscow’s department for science and industrial policy, M.E. Ogloblina, head of the department for economic policy and urban development, D.V. Gaev, head of SUE Moscow Metro, A.O. Kulbachevsky, head of department for resource management and environmental protection, A.V. Astakhov, CEO of development company Moscow business incubator and others. In discussing Nagatino i-Land, Moscow’s mayor noted the capital city's considerable potential as regards the scientific development, highlighting that 22% of all Russian scientific-research institutes are located in Moscow. According to the mayor, this colossal resource must be used to aid the city’s development. In order to create stronger ties between the developers of innovative technologies and business, over the coming 0.5-1 year Sergey Sobyanin intends to create a register of Moscow’s technoparks.

The mayor lavished praise on the opportunities for developing innovative business at Nagatino i-Land, noting that this facility is an outstanding place to set up a technopark and develop innovative technologies.

Nagatino i-Land sold as “turnkey”18.11.2010

Nagatino i-Land offers clients “turnkey” office finishing. It’s now possible to purchase ready for occupancy premises with finishing at the technopark.

Nowadays the “turnkey office” service is considerably demanded by buyers. In the majority of cases, companies lack qualified employees for drafting the technical design specifications, plus the receipt of contractors’ work requires professional knowledge. Therefore, many owners of particularly small premises prefer occupying ready offices.

At Nagatino i-Land, future owners of premises are offered an option for finishing which includes 3-4 offices and open space. The color palette and finishing materials may be changed per the client’s preference. Finishing of the average block takes approximately three months.

One can gage the quality and comfort of the “tunkey” offices in a demonstrative office at business center Lobachevsky. The demo-office occupies a space of 442.5 sq.m. The design-project was drafted by A.A. Chernikhov’s architectural-design bureau. The furniture and partitions were provided by Faram. The ready office includes a conference room and all utilities are installed. Please read further details on office with finishing offerings in the section “Special Offer”.

Mortgage in Technopark Nagatino i-Land15.11.2010


First mortgage deal has been concluded in Technopark Nagatino i-Land with support of Investorgbank. Company AZ has bought an office of 815 sqm. Term of the credit is 5 years.
Purchase of office by company "AZ" became the first transaction under the mortgage program for small and average business which technopark Nagatino i-Land has developed and has started together with Investtorgbank. Uniqueness of the given program is that it allows to obtain the credit for office in business center which has not got the registration of the property yet in comparison with others. More in detail about the program is under the reference.


Business Lunch in Nagatino i-Land01.11.2010

First fast food restaurant has been opened by «LanCh» company on the first and second floors of business center «Lobachevsky» in Technopark Nagatino i-Land. Various choice of menu meets every need of its guests. Average price for full lunch is from 150 to 250 rubles.  

Nagatino i-Land : Data center in close proximity19.10.2010

The data-center is started in operation in territory of the largest Moscow technopark Nagatino i-Land. «Bigfoot a Telecom» is a local provider for this service.  Data-center has 52 technological racks according to requirements of the international classification and it concerns reliability level tier 2. It is created specially for residents of technopark – tenants and owners – aiming to increase of efficiency of their business and reduction of expenses.

Nagatino i-Land in small cut13.10.2010

40 offices are exposed on sale with the area starting from 109 sq. m. to 295 sq. m. in business center "Newton". Offices are in Shell&Core and all engineering systems are connected right to the Premises. This offer will be especially interesting to representatives of small and average business.


Nagatino i-Land is always online11.10.2010

The advanced system of the unified communications telephone exchange Nortel CS2000 is started in operation in technopark Nagatino i-Land. The company «Bigfut Telecom» acts as the operator of a telecommunication service. Nortel CS2000 has high degree of reliability (99,999 %), fault tolerance, safety and by the current moment it has the fullest and wide functionality for end users.

Nagatino i-Land it is completely set in operation08.10.2010

The permit to putting into operation of the 20-storeyed business center "Newton" with the area of 36 064 sqm has been obtained. It became a final building of the first stage of technopark Nagatino i-Land which has been set in operation. Now Developer is planning to finish the designing of phase 2 by the end of 2010.

Infrastructure and industrial zone integrated development: hindrance for developers or new opportunities?04.10.2010

Where can money be saved in business center infrastructure? How to correctly build the infrastructure mix? How to bypass “pitfalls” of utilities infrastructure during integrated development and is realization of infrastructure projects possible without government participation? Attempting to answer these and other questions were technopark CEO Andrey Astakhov along with participants of the conference “European Business”, held on October 4 in Munich as part of the exhibition Expo Real-2010. The report generated lively discussion. Participants’ opinions converged in one matter: there’s no unequivocal answer to the main question – what’s infrastructure for developers – hindrance or new opportunities? Either way: in the process of debate the key principle was found for successful realization of integrated development projects: rigorous calculation, optimal infrastructure mix, competent planning – only under this approach will today’s hindrances become tomorrow’s opportunities.

Technopark at exhibition Expo Real-2010.01.10.2010

Technopark Nagatino i-Land had finished construction of phase 1 (216 000 sqm.) and took the project of 2-5 phases to the exhibition. It was possible to get acquainted with the project and to receive presentation materials at the stand of the Government of Moscow (Б1.110.).


Shortly Nagatino i-Land will become "The garden city"29.09.2010

Works on an accomplishment of territory of the first stage of technopark Nagatino i-Land have been completely finished – trees and bushes are planted, lawns and beds are organized; street illumination is put into operation; all roads are completely asphalted. Also developer is planning to create a park zone for walks. The territory of Nagatino i-Land is surrounded by water and creation of comfortable inhabitancy works on quay reconstruction in the near future will begin pretty soon.


21 scientists in Nagatino i-Land24.09.2010

All buildings of technopark Nagatino i-Land are named by the names of great scientists, whose works have changed our life. We have faced – to make orientation in territory Nagatino i-Land as much as possible convenient for residents and visitors. Six buildings of the first stage have received names "Lomonosov", "Lobachevsky", "Newton", "Pascal", "Charles Jaspers" (the German center of the industry and trade) and "Menger". Business centers of the subsequent turns of technopark will be named in honor of such scientists, as Descartes, Edison, Kulibin, Lejbnits, Tsiolkovsky, Hertz, Mechnikov, Galilej, Mendeleyev, Einstein, Priests and Da Vinci. Besides, in territory Nagatino i-Land 2 hotel complexes, by "Pareto" and "Rikardo", and also a multipurpose business complex Caesar will be constructed as well.

Nagatino i-Land Home Newspaper21.09.2010

The first Nagatino i-Land newspaper issue is released. Please, follow it by link “Nagatino i-Land Newspaper”.
The idea to release a home newspaper was not a chance thing. Nagatino i-Land is a “live” project, an immense architectural complex which is developing all the time. Our mission is to help the current and future residents of the industrial park look into the insides of the project and get professional consultation.

The newspaper will publish interviews with the prominent persons you may come across at the industrial park, news about the project and its “residents”, topical market tendencies, technical and innovative solutions offered by the complex and professional advice on office design; or just have some rest time reading.
Following our key aim – to be useful – we have decided to make a surprise for our readers: a detailed Nagatino i-Land map released for the first time.
The newspaper is issued once in three months. To have a print version, please, send a request to

Have a pleasant reading!


Official opening of the technopark took place15.09.2010

Over 200 guests: clients, partners and people loyal to the project and some dozens of media outlets have come to celebrate official opening of the technopark with us.

The technopark was “opened” with Director General Andrey Astakhov, Chairman OAO Moscow Business Incubator Evgeny Yegorov, Chief Moscow Department of Science and Industrial Policy Evgeny Panteleev and Alexander Karpov, First Deputy Chief Moscow Department for Support of Small and Medium Business. The role of a symbolic “red ribbon” was successfully played by a huge red bow which tied one of the ntchnopark’s buildings like a present box. By request of the prominent guests of the festival the bow fell down to the feet of the building.

The most important thing voiced during the ceremony said the project was on the run. The architectural and building drafts of stages 2 and 3 have been approved by Moscow Committee for Architecture and City Planning. The project is planned to be completed by January 2011 and construction is to start in spring.
Another surprise of the festival was performance of Joсhen Schweizer’s show team.
These are unique vertical dancing shows on the walls of the world’s most famous business centres. Among the “conquered” buildings are Rockefeller Centre in New York, Taipei 101in Taiwan, Petronas-Tower in Kuala Lumpur. All these buildings have gone down in history. Nagatino i-land, Moscow which walls the dancers performed a specially designed dance is now one of them.

The anchor of the festival Ivan Urgant and jazz concert by Larissa Dolina and saxophone player Igor Butman made the festival a sensational social event.

Technopark Nagatino i-Land: marching forward!31.08.2010

Held on August 31 at technopark Nagatino i-Land was a press-conference devoted to the upcoming opening of the technopark’s first phase. For the first time since the start of construction at Nagatino i-Land, representatives of leading media outlets gathered for a first-hand look inside the ready for opening complex and to speak with its management.

As of today, Nagatino i-Land is Moscow’s second largest urban development project after the City. While speaking at the press-conference, Andrey Astakhov, CEO of Moscow Business Incubator, noted that the main distinguishing feature of Nagatino i-Land is that all the conditions are in place here for developing science-intensive innovative business. According to Mr Astakhov, “Moscow’s new technopark combines functionality and comfort – all the complex’s infrastructure is organized in such a way that people may work with maximum comfort”.

Provided for conference participants and media representatives was an excursion through the territory of technopark Nagatino i-Land’s first phase, with total area of 216,000 sq.m. All of the class B+ buildings were developed with the latest technologies and outfitted with class A facade systems. In addition to offices, the business centers will accommodate two fast food restaurants and a classical restaurant for business meetings; bank branches; conference space with 250 seats; and DATA-center. In addition to the business centers, now operating are two multi-level parking garages with 1478 spaces. Already boasting one of the highest parking coefficients in Moscow – 1/100, the company aims to improve this in the future to the level of 1/65.

Concurrent with the first phase’s opening, design of following phases is under way. All of the engineering infrastructure slated for use in all five phases of the complex is already built.

Even though the end of the technopark’s construction is scheduled for 2013, residents will not feel as though they’re amidst construction – each subsequent phase will be built following completion of the previous one.

Andrey Astakhov remarked that Nagatino i-Land represents a particular stage in the development of Russia’s commercial real estate market – one company (Moscow Business Incubator”) is singlehandedly overseeing the integrated development of a vast territory, which will become a veritable “city within a city”, concentrating a considerable portion of Moscow’s business community.

One step closer to opening27.07.2010

The permit to commissioning of buildings 1-1-А and 1-1-В is obtained.
A parking of 75777 sq.m. for 744 cars and  the 24945 sq.m. office building are located in the first block of a first
stage of technopark.

July 2010. Two more buildings in Nagatino i-Land will be put in commission in the end of July.12.07.2010

Moscow state building supervision has given out the conclusion about exact conformity of buildings 1-1-А and 1-1-В to requirements of technical regulations, standard legal certificates and the planning documentation. Input of buildings in the commission becomes a following stage, which developer plans to finish by the end of July of this year.

June 2010 The technopark will increase 348,000 sq.m.29.06.2010

Moscow Architecture Committee approved the architectural plan of phase 2 and phase 3 construction work of Moscow city technopark Nagatino i-Land of 348,000 sq.m. of total area. Thus, one more mandatory project preparation stage is over.  The techopark developers have taken up designing phase 2 construction work which they plan to accomplish by the end of the year.

June 2010 "Moscow-Israel. Transit 2010". Technopark Nagatino i-Land in Tel-Aviv.23.06.2010

What shall be done with industrial zones in large cities if the economic damage to environment exceeds their economic profitability, how the industrial territories shall be developed so that the city residents, municipality and business could leverage – these were the key issues discussed during the conference “Moscow – Israel Transit 2010”. The event took place in Tel-Aviv on June 23, 2010 with support of Moscow city government.
The floor was given to Andrei Astakhov, Director General of Nagatino i-Land who made a report on “Execution of integrated development projects  as the most promising way to redevelop urban areas” where he shared his positive experience in development of industrial areas in Moscow by the example of Nagatino i-Land.
The conference participants discussed the opportunities of mutual cooperation in terms of efficient reclamation of industrial zones in megalopolises, legal support and energy-efficient technologies, and visited the leading Israeli scientific parks and business incubators.

"Developer vs Contractor": Nagatino i-Land experience07.06.2010

The difficulties with interaction between developers and contractors are one of the topical problems in the real estate market of Russia. On June 3 the commercial real estate market players gathered at Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy Moscow where  held the IV business breakfast “Developer vs Contractor” to discuss the opportunities of making cooperation with contractors long, mutually profitable and conflict-free.
Nagatino i-Land was represented by Roman Saveliev, Deputy Director General on Legal Issues. He shared successful experience of conflict solving and gave the event attendees practical pieces of advice concerning the legal aspects of building relationships with partners.

A unique auction takes place at Nagatino i-Land22.04.2010

A unique experimental auction sale of commercial real estate by the “multiple variant” scheme was a success: a block of offices in one of Nagatino i-Land buildings, Moscow of 294.6 sq.m. of total area was sold for 30 mln. rubles.
The auction was held by Moscow Business Incubator OJSC, Nagatino i-Land project developer and Pushkin & Co. Auction House.
The first deal demonstrated the system’s advantages: the lot was sold for 30 mln. rubles with start price of 36 mln. rubles. Moreover, the winner was granted a special owner’s discount of 300,000 rubles as the first bidder to accept the current bidding price.
“I am sure the lot bought at our auction is of considerable historical significance, as far as it offers a new form of relationships in the Russian market of commercial real estate, the type of relationships which have a chance to become a quality marketing tool at a rather static market of today”, said Sergey Kanaev, Nagatino i-Land Commercial Director. “We are sure the auction will not be the last. We have sold one facility of ten, which is a good result for the pilot project. Besides, the auction’s results respond to our marketing expectations. Most lots received no more one application. This reflects the cautious market interest to such auction tools. Nevertheless, the auction’s rules prohibit conducting an auction when only one competitive application is submitted. The lots had to be withdrawn. Three more lots are under the agreements of intent. The clients preferred to buy them out of the auction”.
Moscow Business Incubator OJSC is the first Russian company to hold a multi-variant auction developed by Pushkin & Co. Auction House*. The system is simple.  The auction starts with offering the initial “starting” bid after which two variants are possible. If any bidder accepts the bid, the price grows higher. In case there is no buyer to buy an item at a starting price the auction goes on without a break by the so-called Dutch scheme: a descending price auction, that is. The winner is the one to offer the highest price. Such scheme is profitable for both for the owner who can draw new clients and buyer who has a chance to buy a facility at a lower price.

April 2010 offices in Nagatino I-land are consecrated13.04.2010

On april, 13 the office premises in techno park were consecrated. The archbishop Belgorodsky and Starooskolsky Johann blest the guests of ceremony on good deeds and wished successes and productive work at new offices.

Shuttle bus from metro to Nagatino i-Land31.03.2010

On April 1, a Fool’s day, the technopark Nagatino i-Land launches no-fools’ shuttle buses. The buses will run five days a week (except for weekends and public holidays) from 7.30 am to 8.15 pm from Kolomenskaya station to Nagatino i-Land and JSC MBI office and back to Kolomenskaya station with several minutes’ intervals.

New comfortable optimistic orange-colored shuttle buses capable to place up to 18 people will quickly bring the employees to their offices and back and encourage their standout performance inspiring happy orange moods for the entire working day.

The bus stops are located near Kolomenskaya metro station and at Nagatino i-Land. They can be easily recognized by a special BusStop sign and i-Land logo.

Unique auction of commercial real estate at Nagatino i-Land17.03.2010

The auction puts up offices from 290 sq.m. to 1,500 sq.m. and premises to be used as bank office, restaurant and retail store. Those are premises in a new B+ class business park located near Kolomenskaya station in Andropov Avenue.The Event is organized by Pushkin & Co Auction House, the author and holder of a patent for a multi-variant method of auction performance. “We are sure such auction performance scheme in current economic conditions is much more comfortable for buyers and owners than traditional one-variant auction methods suggesting either increase or decrease of price”, comments Sergey Kipriyanov, General Director of Pushkin & Co. “The conditions are simple. The auction starts with calling out an item’s bid after which two variants are possible. If any auction participant accepts the bid, the item cost goes 1 step up. In case there is no buyer to buy an item at a bid price the auction goes on without a break by the so-called Dutch scheme: getting prices down. The winner is the one to offer the highest price”. “It is a new selling tool and useful experience for Nagatino i-Land”, says Irina Singayevskaya, the technopark Deputy General Director. “There is no doubt that such event will be interesting both for the owner who can draw new clients and buyer who has a chance to buy a premise at a lower price, lower than the current market offer of Nagatino i-Land. Besides, we offer an extra owner’s discount for the first auction player who accepts the bid in case he wins. This makes the price reduction to minimum economically unattractive and stimulates the auction participants’ activity”

JSC Moscow Business Incubator is “An Employer To Work For”09.03.2010

The professional recruiting resource named JSC Moscow Business Incubator “An Employer To Work For”. The honorary title was bestowed to the companies which answered the following requirements.

First, the company to be called “An Employer To Work For” needed to actively recruit employees throughout 2009.

Second, jobseekers needed to demonstrate strong interest in the vacancies offered by the candidate company: the average reply level had to be no less than 30 CVs per one vacancy. The result calculation accounted the average vacancy open rate: the “Employer To Work For” title was delivered to a company whose every vacancy was viewed by no less than 500 jobseekers.

“I extend my gratitude onto for granting our company this honorary title. 2009 was a hard year for the company as well as for all other market players, but people remain our largest resource”, said Natalia Troshina, Nagatino i-Land HR Senior Manager. “Meanwhile we took advantage of the opportunities the instable market had offered and managed to avoid large staff reduction and hired new highly professional employees”.

JSC MBI becomes the member of SNP01.03.2010

JSC Moscow Business Incubator issued the competency certificate No 0246-2010-77-25237240-С-042 allowing to perform certain kinds of work or works which influence security of certain capital construction objects in accordance with the List of Works adopted by global decision of NP Stolitsa Members’ Meeting.

Occupancy permit granted15.02.2010

Building 1-4 of Nagatino i-Land technopark was granted the occupancy permit. A 20-storey building total of  388 sq.m. is located in  the 2nd sector of the  1st  Phase.  The forth building was the last building in the sector to be accepted for operation.

Mikhail Lomonosov: a perfect name for technopark28.01.2010

The buildings of the already constructed Nagatino i-Land technopark will be named after the famous scientists whose discoveries contributed greatly to human civilization.
“The technopark consists of 5 construction phases”, explained Natalia Proskurina, head of Advertisement and Informational Support Department of Nagatino i-Land. – The first phase, including eight buildings, is already completed. But even now, with this number, it’s too difficult to orient. So our task was to make the orientation in Nagatino i-Land as easy as possible for residents and guests. For this purpose we decided to use the scientists’ names as the base of the navigation.
First, because it’s convenient, as the famous names are familiar to people from different countries,  you can easily remember them. Among these names we’d like to have both Russian ones – Lomonosov, Mendeleyev, - and those of their respected foreign counterparts.
Second, the scientists’ names fit the whole concept, as the technopark has been planned as the intellectual center of the business capital, modern, innovative, technologic and cosmopolitan – just like the business itself in terms of globalization.
The same naming concept will be applied for the other phases of the construction”.

The process of the scientists’ names selection for the technopark buildings will involve market members, business community, clients, partners and other companies. Besides, a survey will be carried out on one of the internet portals. The results of the survey will be announced in March.

Technopark office golden key20.01.2010

The office owners and lessees are awarded the first symbolic keys.
The procedure of office transfer is at full speed. The Nagatino Land residents do makeovers. The offices are planned to open in summer.
The photo: Irina Singayevskaya, Deputy Economy and Finance Director of "Nagatino i-Land" and Alexander Litus, CEO of “TS-Servis”.

Technopark office golden key20.01.2010

The office owners and lessees are awarded the first symbolic keys.
The procedure of office transfer is at full speed. The Nagatino Land residents do makeovers. The offices are planned to open in summer.
The photo: Irina Singayevskaya, Deputy Economy and Finance Director of "Nagatino i-Land" and Alexander Litus, CEO of “TS-Servis”.

Technopark data center: we offer ready solutions and free residents’ time for business.10.01.2010

The air-conditioning system  hook-up and commissioning in Technopark data center are completed. “Now we are closer than ever to the data center ready to deliver its data processing services to commercial sites owners and lessees”, said Alexander Sakhatsky, the CEO of “Bigfoot Telecom”, Nagatino i-Land IT and telecom supplier.
Technopark is preparing for opening. In its second wing is already completed the fiber-optic cable system hook-up.
The IT and telecom infrastructure not only can allow the owners and lessees use high-quality service, but also reduce connection terms. Thus, for instance, the direct connection of data center server equipment located to office  will just take from 2 hours to 2 days. “It’s very good for our residents”, Akexander Sakhatsky summarized. “Once they moved to new office, they can immediately start working. This is the Technopark philosophy: to provide the lessees and owners with ready effective IT and solutions, to make them free for their main business. And the consumer is free to choose the service supplier”.

Happy New Year!30.12.2009

Dear friends!
We are used to think that the New Year is time to gather stones, summarize and plan for future. The key idea is right, but the most important are the things already developed in that passing year, things other people hope for. It’s that slightest, subtle connection that matters – that’s what we’ll feel in the new year night. Happy new year! Let it be happy and sunny, full of awaited victories and unexpected joy!

Market Warming Up. Office Mortgage Loans at 12% Rate in Rubles07.12.2009

Nagatino i-Land Technopark, Investtorgbank and Globex bank announced a new mortgage program for commercial real estate on the Technopark’s territory at pre-crisis rates starting at 12 percent in rubles.

i-gorod. Megalopolis development prospects25.11.2009

Representatives of Nagatino i-Land technopark took part in events devoted to Moscow Economy Days in Dusseldorf.

The main event of the business program was the forum “New technologies. Investments”, held on November 25. The forum’s main task regarded cooperation and sharing experience between the two countries with regards to nanotechnologies, energy conservation and deploying innovations when addressing urban development issues.

One of the event’s key topics was discussing questions of developing urban territories, wherein sharing his experience and view of the prospects for integrated development in megalopolises was Andrey Astakhov, CEO of Moscow Business Incubator (the technopark’s developer).

November 2009 Megalopolis Development Outlook25.11.2009

Nagatino i-Land Technopark representatives participated in Moscow Economy Days in Düsseldorf.
The key event on the business agenda was the forum “New technology. Investments”, held on November 25. The forum was aimed at promoting cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of nanotechnology, energy saving and implementing innovations for solving urban planning problems.
The participants discussed urban development issues. Andrey Astakhov, General Director of “Moskovskiy biznes inkubator” OJSC (Technopark developer), spoke on perspectives of megalopolis urban development.

Nagatino i-Land Technopark: a New Moscow Tour11.11.2009

Students from the Higher School of Economics participated on November 25 in a tour to Nagatinskaya Poima to find out how state-of-the-art office facilities will help optimize business costs in the near future. The first tour was organized at Phase 1 building of the Nagatino i-Land Technopark.
“We came here to show potential investors new opportunities provided by modern commercial facilities and the business atmosphere, which is the integral part of the complex”, commented Oksana Morgunova, an employee at the Research center of the Higher School of Economics. “I’m sure that the infrastructure and technological advantages will help young businessmen develop their business”.
“Tour participants asked questions on Technopark’s perspectives and development plans, infrastructure services we provide for our tenants, the project’s history and innovative features”, said Anna Shishkina, Head of the Technopark’s marketing service. “For instance, our guests were interested by energy saving technologies, implemented at Nagatino i-Land starting from architectural and planning concept. The buildings will be located taking into account the sun’s path, so that the tenants will use more natural light cutting energy costs”, she added.
“Isothermal glass will be used in Phase 2-5 buildings reducing reliance on artificial lighting systems, but on the inside the temperature will stay comfortable. We are planning that these innovations will help tenants cut their energy costs by 70-80 percent”.
The tour participants also noted that having data-centers in the Technopark is another major advantage. In today’s world the companies are increasingly dependent on headend equipment, which should be stored according to strict fire safety standards, isolated and cooled. Setting up separate data rooms in an office costs as much as equipping the entire office space. Transferring such equipment to data centers helps to cut costs, evenly share the responsibility for equipment maintenance and most of all provides safety for the most valuable asset in today’s business world – the commercial data.
“We are participating in Talkoot Boot Camp program to develop innovative projects, said Anna Lagutenko, a fifth year student at the Higher School of Economics, so we were seeking to visit Nagatino i-Land Technopark in order to see how they implement innovations that we are planning to use in the future”.
However cost cutting measures and data security were not the only issues that interested the future business managers.
“One of the major advantages of the Technopark is availability for handicapped persons. I think that for today’s civil society this issue is of special importance”, - said Vladimir Kudinov, a 5th year student at the Higher School of Economics.
“In the future we are planning to organize regular tours at the Nagatino i-land Technopark, and also to offer interesting issue-related programs for students and specialists in architecture, economics, engineering communications, etc. These tours will be aimed at drawing public attention to the project, and also to position the Technopark as a new urban project in Moscow, open to the professional community and the public”.

October 2009, Energy-saving technologies: Technopark’s technotrend23.10.2009

Participants of a round table on energy-saving development, held by Vedomosti-Real Estate newspaper, discussed new real estate market trends.
Anna Shishkina, Head of Nagatino i-Land Technopark marketing service, participated in the event as an expert.
“Sustainable design is still a new term for the Russian real estate market, while environmental development is getting increasingly popular around the world. Energy-saving buildings have undeniable advantages compared to traditional constructions, where maintenance and servicing costs are significantly higher. In the same time, the common view that such buildings are much more expensive is false. In fact construction costs are similar to an ordinary project or just a little higher”, said Svetlana Danilova, deputy Editor in Chief of the Vedomosti-Real Estate newspaper.
“The events covered topical issues, so they attracted many guests. And this is not a coincidence: even partial implementation of smart construction techniques on any development stage has a significant economic impact. This issue is very important for us, because Nagatino i-Land Technopark is a priori a project with innovative construction and maintenance technologies. That’s why, planning 2-3 phase construction, we use state-of-the-art front materials with low thermal conductivity and increased insolation. In the future, it will help tenants cut heating costs during winter and save on air conditioning during summer. So the operating company, and thus office tenants and owners, will save on utilities as well”, said Anna Shishkina.

New office for $5007.09.2009

Nagatino i-Land offers rent of B+ offices for $50 per sq m. These are terms of its special proposal available for future tenants.
“These conditions are for those tenants looking for the whole level spaces, which is 1700 meters”, said Tatiana Chulkova, head of the client department, Nagatino i-Land. “Rental fee for the first year will be $50 per each square meter at the currency rate of Central Bank on the date of payment. In addition, these clients are granted with beneficial conditions for their second-year rent – lower than the average rental fee in the market”.
“We are not trying to compete with dumping offerings, which have already oversaturated the market (cheap, finished, fast)”, said Alexеy Chertkov, head of the commercial department, Nagatino i-Land. “Such offerings traditionally have their hidden traps. We’ve developed our proposal for companies that choose their office locations strategically. If some large company has its own requirements to floor plan or quality of finishing, then choosing finished premises it will have to compromise with many things, as there are just no spaces, which meet your requirements for 100%. At the same time, the company that looks 5 years ahead and estimates its cash flows for the long-term will easily compensate primary finishing with low initial rental fee, convenient floor plan, good finishing quality, fixed long-time commercial terms and office “with its own face”. In addition, long-term rental contract guarantees 100% amortization of the investments”.
“Still we offer these conditions not only to draw new clients. Of course, situation in the market drives us to develop new proposals, but another key factor here is the forthcoming opening of Nagatino i-Land Phase 1 in Fall’09. About 70% of Phase 1 spaces have already been sold or rented. One of our key tasks today is to provide comfort working conditions on the territory of our technopark and, of course, it will be more convenient if all noisemaking works on the site are finished at one time. Goal of our encouraging conditions is to attract those clients who plan to acquire new offices in the nearest future. That is why our special proposal is time limited. It is available only before official opening of the Phase 1”, said Anna Shiskina, head of the marketing group, Nagatino i-Land.

Opening date of the Technopark metro station01.09.2009
Yuri Bulanov, Prefect of the Moscow’s South Administrative District, said in his interview to Interfax news agency that Technopark metro station will be opened in 2011. “The station will appear between the Kolomenskaya and Avtozavodskaya metro stations. Engineers are designing it now”, he said.
One more building put into operation25.08.2009
The 1-2-B building (23 000 sq m) has been put into operation with simultaneous transfer of spaces to the Nagatino i-Land residents. “We gradually put the technopark buildings into operation and will soon get approval for our 1-4 building. We expect to complete Phase 1 by the end of this year”, said Alexey Chertkov, head of the commercial department.
Technopark metro station at Nagatino i-Land20.08.2009

The Moscow City Architecture Committee has approved the Technopark metro station project. The new station will appear between the Kolomenskaya and Avtozavodskaya metro stations, near Nagatino i-Land. Its building will be a glass and metal pyramid. One of sides of its roof will be transparent, so that passengers can see new technopark buildings. Tickets offices will be located outside the station. Inside there will be the entrance hall and two platforms connected with the second level hall. For the convenience of people with disabilities the station with be equipped with elevators.  

Pictures of Nagatino i-land technopark08.08.2009

August 2009 Pictures of Nagatino i-land technopark

Moscow photographer Peter Magera visited Nagatino i-Land. Peters goes for architectural photography and makes pictures of the most beautiful Moscow sites from the tops of new buildings.

Technopark photo session took place on the 1st stage territory. Most pictures were made from out of the windows – same views future owners and tenants will enjoy.

“Eight kilometers from the Kremlin there is a wonderful and huge technopark surrounded by green zone of Nagatinskaya Poyma and Kolomenskoye reserve museum”, Peter Magera wrote opening Nagatino i-Land photo set in his blog.

“Our project has always been in the center of attention of Moscow media, bloggers and ordinary people”, Head of Nagatino i-land press office Natalia Proskurina said. “This proves its importance for Moscow city and its inhabitants and shows people like our project and follow its realization with interest. So as we do appreciate this attention to our technopark, with pleasure we accepted Peter’s offer to make photo session here. He was very professional and creative and we had a very good weather that day, so pictures are so bright and shiny – one of the best Nagatino i-Land pictures”.

We want to thank Peter for his beautiful job and share these pictures with our website guests.

Moscow Business Incubator OJSC celebrates its 6th anniversary06.08.2009

Dear colleagues, clients, partners and friends,

Moscow Business Incubator OJSC, the developer of Nagatino i-Land project, celebrates its 6th anniversary.
Six years ago, on August 15, we started our story with just several people and small office. Today we celebrate this date and completion of the first stage of our great project. For six years it has grown into one of the most remarkable projects of the Moscow construction market.
We want to thank all those, who go our road, who participated or is now participating in Nagatino i-Land project realization and helps us in making it the intelligent center of the city and comfort place for doing business in Moscow.
Nagatino i-Land. On-schedule implementation.01.07.2009

Moscow Business Incubator OJSC (MBI) announced today that construction of Nagatino i-Land technopark goes on-schedule. The 1st stage of the project will soon be completed, while 2nd and 3rd stages are being designed. Construction of the 2nd and 3d stages will be launched after already built premises are sold or rented.
The 1st stage has been 100% financed by MBI partners and commercial entities. In frames of the investment contract construction of Technopark metro station and reconstruction of close-by territories are sponsored by the Moscow City Government.
The 1st stage is in the final stage now. It consists of six class B+ office buildings. 70% of all office spaces have already been sold or rented. Two buildings have been put into operation, rest are being phased-in.

New General Layout Plan25.06.2009

New general layout plan and project of 2-5 Phases have been developed by Andrey Chernikhov Architect’s Office. In June the new plan was approved by Moscow Business Incubator OJSC (MBI) and reviewed by the Administration for preparation of objects approval of the Moscow committee of architecture and town-planning (UPSP Mosarchitecture).

“There were several changes made in Phases 2-4”, Anna Shishkina, MBI Marketing Group Head said. “They will have new frontal solutions, which will create a base for a new architectural concept of a new business district of Moscow. Architects broke away from traditional approaches. I believe future owners and tenants will like this new concept. Part of offices will be A class, which will help us to attract traditional A class tenants and diversify our offering”

“For frontage we will use texture glass. Office spaces will be full of air and light with use of energy saving technologies. Natural lighting will be pretty intensive, but with no overheating. It will add comfort and help in saving energy costs. As for infrastructure, we will have a *** hotel in Phase 2, one more data center and mechanical parkings, which will serve more cars than traditional ones. We expect Nagatino i-Land parking index to be one of the best in Moscow. In addition, technopark will have a shopping gallery for service and retail tenants”, Anna adds.

In July the new general layout plan will be presented for approval of the Moscow city Architecture Board.

First Two Buildings Put Into Use23.06.2009

Putting Phase 1 into service is in process. In June 1-2B and 1-2A buildings were permitted to be used. “First buildings opening is a real benchmark for technopark”, Alexey Chertkov, Commercial Department Head said. “Now Nagatino i-Land is not a construction facility, but operational business park. Owners and tenants have already started to do final improvements and get ready for office warming parties. We expect our residents to open their offices this fall already”.

German Industry and Trade Center Opened in Nagatino i-Land27.05.2009


German Industry and Trade Center has become the first office opened in Nagatino i-Land technopark. The opening ceremony took place on May 27.

The opening event was attended by about 500 guests, including representatives of the Moscow City Government, the Government of the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg and LBBW, the German Bank co-investing the project.

Gunther Oettinger, the Baden-Wurttemberg state prime-minister called this opening “an evident sign of the trust of German economy in the successful economical development of Russia”.

The German Center will lodge representative offices of German small and medium businesses and will become an international business platform for Russia-Germany mutual cooperation.

“The German Center opening in Moscow is a significant event in the history of Russian-German partnership”, Stefan Weisz, general director of the German Center said. “Russian businesses will have chance to see how we do business in Germany and German partners will have everything to effectively develop their business in Russia”.

The German Center is one of the largest owners of Nagatino i-Land spaces. It occupies a 22 000 sq m building. The deal was closed last fall. LBBW Immobilien, a branch of Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg (LBBW), the state bank of Baden-Wurttemberg, was a co-investor of the project.

“It is a great honor for us that German Center chose Nagatino i-Land as its location”, Andrey Astakhov, General Director of Moscow Business Incubator OJSC (Nagatino i-Land developer), said. “Today Russian and German businesses have mutual interest in each other, which is contributed by business and political relations between two countries and global economic situation that drives world community for consolidation. We hope that presence of the German Center on the territory of our technopark will become a new impulse for developing effective cooperation between Russia and Germany”.


World After Crisis: New Development Strategies15.05.2009

Conference called “World After 2008: New Development & Success Strategies” will be held May 22 at the Russian Academy of Science and will be dedicated to what the world will look like after the current crisis. Andrey Astakhov, General Director of Moscow Business Incubator OJSC, will make a report on “Business in Russia after 2008. Exchange difference problem”.

The conference is initiated and organized by the Agency of Investment Consulting with support of the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation, Center for private-public partnership at VneshEconomBank and Hold Invest Audit partner-company.

The conference speakers are going to be public officials, investment companies and banks representatives, heads of industrial, energy, construction and transport companies, spokespeople from Russian and foreign consulting firms and scientific communities. The attendees will discuss effective management and financing of investment projects in the current economic conditions.

At plenary sessions the attendees will discuss state regulation of crisis challenges, public-private partnerships, concession agreements and public investment strategy in federal and regional aspects.

The participants will also discuss all the investment challenges and development of production and trade relations in the current tough economic situation.

Volunteer Clean-up by Super Heroes14.04.2009

Technopark Nagatino i-Land has organized a non-traditional event – volunteer clean-up called Subbotnik in response to the tough economic situation in the market.

“Many companies are going through difficult times, but they do not give up, surmount the hurdles and inspire other companies to do the same”, Irina Singaevskaya, deputy general director of Moscow Business Incubator OJSC (MBI) said. “We believe that such examples are necessary now – we have to talk about it so that people know. That is why we decided to dedicate our event to business heroes – those, who despite all difficulties keep on going, creating jobs and looking forward with optimism. Life goes on. And our technopark is a good example of it – construction of Phase 1 was never suspended and will very soon be finished”.

This unusual event was called Subbotnik for Super Heroes and was attended by over 200 people. Among them there were technopark staff and guests – investors, tenants, guests from partner banks and other companies that participate in Nagatino i-Land project implementation. All attendees received Super Hero kits and their bright colors picked up everyone’s spring mood and good spirit. The teams competed in clean-up – both quality and speed. After two hours of intensive activities there were funny contests and award ceremony. Turning point of the event was the Perspective Tree planting.

Nagatino i-Land. Italian Meetings10.04.2009

Nagatino i-Land experts took part in Russian-Italian economic forum that was attended by 1,500 business people, bankers and politicians from Italia and Russia. Technopark specialists held several bilateral meetings with potential Italian tenants and owners of Nagatino i-Land spaces.

“The key advantage of bilateral negotiations is absence of any intermediaries”, Anna Shishkina, Head of MBI Marketing Group said. “We got to know our clients better, understood their needs and had several effective meetings we can work on”.

Moscow Best Office Projects: New Conditions For Life03.04.2009

Cushman & Wakefield Stiles & Riabokobylko broker company gathered developers of the best Moscow office projects in construction (World Trade Center Moscow, Millhouse Capital, FerroStroy, Capital Group, Moscow Business Incubator, etc.) to discuss office property market, its challenges, rent rate forecasts and refunding of bank credits in conditions of decline in demand for quality commercial spaces.

Alexey Chertkov, Head of MBI Commercial Department, represented the Nagatino i-Land project and said: “It is obviously more effective to look for ways out together and even if situation with our project is pretty stable (over 65% of Phase 1 spaces are sold), we admit that the market has changed. To recover we need to go in line with the changes we see now and offer products meeting current demand”.

Completion of First phase construction16.03.2009

Nearing completion is construction on the first phase of Nagatino i-Land technopark.

Photographs from the construction site are available in the section “Construction Process”.

Small business to develop around big business05.03.2009

Accessible office premises for small business served as the main topic of an informal meeting held in the Central Entrepreneur’s Home.

Participating in the event was Andrey Astakhov, CEO of MBI OAO, who expounded on the example of Nagatino i-Land technopark while discussing successful partnership between the Moscow Government and business with the goal of supporting small business.

One form of this support could be creating an environment for developing small business around large companies, including in major office centers.

“Our task is to maximally simplify life for residents and provide them with a comfortable existence on our territory, so we are actively inviting small business, for example working in services provision, to collaborate with us”, Mr Astakhov said.

He also reiterated that the technopark would consist of a particular enclave, which, apart from scientific-manufacturing and office premises, will also include restaurants, cafes, a fitness club, hotel, household services businesses, and much more. “For those who will render these services to the technopark’s residents and guests, to be sure, preferential rental rates are envisaged”, added Andrey Astakhov.

Moscow. Red Square. Maslenitsa from Nagatino i-Land01.03.2009

The scale of this year’s Maslenitsa celebration hardly trailed that of Brazil’s renowned Carnival. One of the most beautiful programs could be seen on Red Square’s Vasilievsky spusk (descent).

Over nine thousand guests came to Red Square on March 1 to celebrate the final day of Broad Maslenitsa.

Nagatino i-Land technopark participated prominently in creating the holiday mood for Muscovites and guests to the city.

Many of them took the opportunity to receive a joyous “Maslenitsa photo” from a professional photographer, while Nagatino i-Land’s bright orange balloons partially compensated for the lack of sun on that day. The festival’s guests were given free balloons on Vasilievsky spusk, which, like a piece of the holiday, were carried away. That day, our cheerful Maslenitsa balloons could be seen not only in Moscow’s center, but also in outlying neighborhoods.

Held on Maslenitsa’s final day was the festive carnival procession – seeing off winter. The day ended with a concert from performing stars. After the final song, all the event’s participants walked on stage holding sparkling balloons, which were released into the sky to the sound of bell ringing, symbolic of the commencing Great Lent.

Nagatino i-Land project approved by urban development council under Moscow Mayor19.12.2008

As was stated during a Board meeting by Moscow Chief Architect Alexander Kuzmin, representing the project, technopark Nagatino i-Land would provide work to at least 40 thousand people.

“Particular attention is paid to parking spaces and transport infrastructure. Each plot of the five phases will have its own multi-level car park, while the entire complex will be capable of accommodating nearly 6 thousand automobiles”, added Moscow’s chief architect. “Plans call for setting up a large public area on the technopark lot running along the Moskva River. Presumably this plot will be “actively greenified” – plants and trees will be planted on a territory of about 10 thousand sq.m,” he clarified.

The project also envisages construction of a road “linking” the Third Transport Ring to prospekt Andropova. In addition, confirmed during the Board meeting were urban builders’ plans for opening here in 2009 the above-ground subway station Technopark in between the Avtozavodskaya and Kolomenskaya stations of the Zamoskvoretskaya line.

Full complement of consultants and brokers gathers at presentation organized by MBI OAO in Vinzavod center for contemporary art27.11.2008

The reason for the meeting was the forthcoming launch of technopark Nagatino i-Land’s first phase and presentation of construction on the project’s 2-5 phases. The concept for phases 2-5 was developed by Andrey Chernikhov’s bureau and embodies the latest trends in world practice of mixed-use complex construction.

In response to the crisis on the commercial real estate market, those present uniformly decided to hold gatherings in “techno” style in the technopark itself, whose contemporary architecture fosters the corresponding spirit.

In October 2008, the technopark was visited by a delegation of businessmen from the German state Baden-Wuerttemberg headed by the economic minister from the State Government, Ernst Pfister.

The visit’s purpose was to view the building under construction, the future location of the German Center. During a press briefing, Ernst Pfister expressed confidence that the world financial crisis wouldn't impact on construction, and the building would be commissioned on time.

“Similar centers for developing German business are already built in several emerging economies – China, Mexico and several other countries”, noted the managing director of the German Center, Stefan Weiss. “Our heavy machinery, high-tech companies are interested in accommodations precisely in modern technoparks such as Nagatino i-Land”.

MBI OAO acts as general partner awarding International prize for young architects “Vyzov Vremeni”18.10.2008

The prize was established by the charity fund of Yakov Chernikhov, a famous Soviet avant-garde architect. Participants of the ceremony warmly greeted representatives of the federal and Moscow governments, creative alliances and artists’ societies. The prize was awarded to a young architect from Japan, Junya Ishigami, developer of a new, original concept of the indoors, glass, cubical veranda.

The same pioneering spirit that reigned in the ceremony’s hallways is being harnessed by the Fund’s president and continuer of the dynasty Andrey Chernikhov in the architectural concept of the technopark’s 2-5 phases, drafted by his bureau.

Agreement between Moscow Government and Government of federal state Baden-Wuerttemberg means German Center will occupy one technopark building totaling 23 thousand square meters02.10.2008

Moscow Business Incubator signed a co-investment contract with the government bank of this state, Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg (LBBW). Negotiations lasted around a year. Due to the challenging situation on world financial markets, LBBW punctiliously explored each detail of the forthcoming contract, setting forth demands to protect the deal from possible risks. Moscow Business Incubator was able to attract two leading state banks as guarantors – Vnesheconombank and Russian Development Bank.

It is presumed that the German Center will mainly be occupied by small and mid-sized innovative businesses from Germany. Therefore, opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries’ innovators will be provided on Nagatino i-Land’s territory.

In September 2008, Moscow Chief Architect A.V. Kuzmin signed the permitted use certificate for the technopark’s entire lot, including development of phases 2-5. This means the architectural-urban development concept crafted by A. Chernikhov’s bureau has been approved for implementation. One of the project’s features is a new solution whereby the buildings of the technopark’s 2-4 phases are connected by a passage-crossway running along the entire territory. Such a design will, on the one hand, allow the technopark’s residents and visitors to more comfortably move between buildings, while on the other hand – to optimally accommodate infrastructure businesses (retail, service, sport) in the most heavily “travelled” spaces. During the 5th phase, constructed on the embankment will be a mixed-use complex, which will be the technopark’s second core.

Moscow Chief Architect A.V. Kuzmin signs permitted use certificate for technopark’s entire plot, including development of phases 2-517.09.2008

This means the architectural-urban development concept crafted by A. Chernikhov’s bureau has been approved for implementation.

One of the project’s features is a new solution whereby the buildings of the technopark’s 2-4 phases are connected by a passage-crossway running along the entire territory. Such a design will, on the one hand, allow the technopark’s residents and visitors to more comfortably move between buildings, while on the other hand optimally accommodate infrastructure businesses (retail, service, sport) in the most “travelled” spaces. During the 5th phase, constructed on the embankment will be a mixed-use complex, which is designed as the technopark’s second core.

Start of campaign for new agreements with technopark’s future tenants15.03.2008

Among the first contracts are those signed with major restaurant operators shoring up the technopark’s infrastructure. Accounted for during selection were the businesses’ track records compiled while providing food services at an analogous major property – international business center Moscow-City.

Acting as one of the major “anchor” tenants is a leading company of the digital technologies market amalgamating at the technopark its disparate offices.

The wishes of future tenants are now factored into the design of floors and installation of infrastructure equipment. The rate of compilation of the “waiting list” provides grounds for forecasting that the technopark’s first phase’s premises will be rented before completion of construction.

Moscow Government takes a number of decisions on transport infrastructure25.01.2008

Envisaged by Moscow Government directive № 48-PP dated 22 January 2008 is financing of design and construction for subway station Technopark, slated for commissioning in 2009. As a result, being set up for the convenience of the technopark’s visitors is a transport-interchange hub, which will also be accessible from above-ground transport routes.

Confirmed under the program for developing roads and bridges leading to the technopark are specific programs for constructing embankment extensions on the Moscow River’s left shore from Simanovskaya to prospekt Andropova and further to Pechatniki.

New phase of technopark’s construction noted for special event – consecration of construction by Belgorod and Stary Oskol Archbishop Ioann02.11.2007

Performing the consecration ritual, the Belgorod Archbishop noted that “blessing the foundations, buttresses and stone walls, we’re building spiritual walls, which help to overcome the difficulties arising on our path”. He wished for the quickest completion with God’s help of the first phase of construction. Present at the ceremony was minister of the Moscow Government, head of the department for development and support of small business M.M. Vyshegorodtsev.

New phase of technopark’s construction noted for special event – consecration of construction by Belgorod and Stary Oskol Archbishop Ioann02.11.2007

Performing the consecration ritual, the Belgorod Archbishop noted that “blessing the foundations, buttresses and stone walls, we’re building spiritual walls, which help to overcome the difficulties arising on our path”. He wished for the quickest completion with God’s help of the first phase of construction. Present at the ceremony was minister of the Moscow Government, head of the department for development and support of small business M.M. Vyshegorodtsev.

Foundation level construction-installation work completed at all buildings of technopark’s 1st phase25.09.2007

The territory’s complex geodetic condition, associated with the marsh and old channel of the Moscow River, required particular conditions for conducting foundation work and using unique technical solutions. The engineers of partner scientific-research and project institutes have developed and implemented a special system for monitoring the pile and soil condition, protecting against any unknowns.

The builders have fully begun construction of buildings’ above-ground parts, so as to commission the technopark’s first phase within stated timeframes.

Moscow Business Incubator partners with professional prize Building Awards08.06.2007

Company executives acted as experts assessing the ambitious projects of Russia’s best developers.

CEO Andrey Astakhov headed the expert council for the nomination “Urban development”, awarded last year to the Nagatino i-Land project. Deputy CEO Irina Singaevskaya joined the board for the nomination “Office real estate”.

This year the awards ceremony was held at the Ritz-Carlton hotel that opened on the site of the former Intourist. While delivering prizes to the winners, Andrey Astakhov exhorted his colleagues to aspire to the level of the project-laureates.

Sharing their opinions, the ceremony’s participants uniformly endorsed Nagatino i-Land’s depth of concept development, recognizing the work of Moscow Business Incubator as exemplary for implementing projects of this scale.

Sharing experience of raising investments27.04.2007

The experience of investing in Nagatino i-Land’s construction served as the topic for discussion at the forum “Russian Real Estate Days”, held at the Moscow Expocenter.

Leading the discussion of the topic “Effective capital raising strategies” was Evgeny Semenov, partner at Knight Frank and general consultant and agent to Moscow Business Incubator. Participants of the round table including representatives of Raiffeisenbank, Investsberbank, Capital PIF asset management and other financial institutions provided interesting proposals and outlined financiers’ traditional approaches and requirements to such major projects.

Nagatino i-Land project at REALTEX-2007 exhibition in Moscow Expocenter25.04.2007

Nagatino i-Land’s exposition created strong interest from participants and guests of the 12th international exhibition “Investment. Construction, Real Estate 2007” REALTEX–2007. The technopark was presented at the booth of the Moscow Government among other investment projects implemented under the aegis of the city administration.

At a press conference whose participants included: First Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Moscow Government, Head of the Department for urban economic policy Yuri Roslyak, Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Moscow Government Iosif Ordzhonikidze, Moscow Chief Architect Alexander Kuzmin and President of Moscow investors’ association Boris Frolov, technopark Nagatino i-Land was named among the properties that will alter Moscow’s image over the coming years.

Every year the REALTEX exhibition gathers the biggest builders and developers. Altogether more than 200 companies from 11 Russian regions and 17 countries presented their achievements.

Showcasing the project’s new phase in Cannes18.03.2007

Featuring at the annual MIPIM exhibition in Cannes a second time, the Nagatino i-Land project again elicited strong interest from international specialists and investors.

This year’s exhibition can rightly be called Russian. The country was represented by 18 expositions, the Moscow Government’s exposition being the main one, as usual. Among Moscow’s projects were Moscow-City, Tverskaya Zastava square, government programs New Ring of Moscow, Moscow Golden Ring and others. Yet unlike most, technopark Nagatino i-Land has passed from the “conceptual” and design phases to the active phase of first-phase construction.

When the project made its debut at last year’s forum, several experts voiced their doubts: the project struck them as too complex and large-scale for Russia. But in just several months, during a ceremony burying in the foundation a capsule with a message for descendants, Moscow Mayor Y.M. Luzhkov posed the question of “particular conditions of managing the new business district and thoughtful formation of the urban environment, which the technopark will seriously alter”.

The project presentation, delivered by CEO of Moscow Business Incubator A.V. Astakhov, elicited considerable interest among specialists. “Today we’re looking far beyond the launch into operations of the technopark’s first phase. Design of the project’s following phases has commenced, accounting for the changes that will occur with the city and our lives going forward”, said A.V. Astakhov.

Having seen the exposition, representatives of international financial institutions said they hoped to travel to Moscow to further explore the project.

Nagatino i-Land to showcase at MIPIM-200705.03.2007

Nagatino i-Land, the most far-reaching project in terms of industrial zone redevelopment, will be presented at the stand of the Moscow Government during the major real estate summit MIPIM-2007. The exhibition will be held from March 13-18 in Cannes, France.

This will be Nagatino i-Land’s second visit to MIPIM: the project was first presented to the event’s participants in 2006. Back then, the project’s well-developed concept garnered high marks from the professional community and elicited genuine interest from all market participants.

This time, Nagatino i-Land will not only represent a beautiful idea: visitors to MIPIM will see its actual implementation. As part of the project, construction on the Moscow Urban Technopark has commenced. Completed as of today is foundation-level construction of all eight buildings of the first phase.

“At the exhibition we plan to confidently state that Nagatino i-Land has emerged”, says Andrey Astakhov, CEO of Moscow Business Incubator”, developer of the project. “Visitors to MIPIM will be apprised on the project’s implementation rate, once again learning about its indisputable advantages. Of course, we would like to highlight once more the importance of the Nagatino i-Land project for supporting Moscow’s innovative businesses”.

Moscow Mayor buries innovative capsule in foundation of Moscow urban technopark’s first phase23.12.2006

Held on December 23, 2006, was the official time capsule burial ceremony in the foundation of the first phase of Moscow’s new hi-tech business district Moscow urban technopark Nagatino i-Land.

Participating in the ceremony were: Moscow Mayor Y.M. Luzhkov, Head of Moscow Department for architecture, construction, development and reconstruction V.I. Resin, Head of Moscow Department for economic policy and development Y.V. Roslyak, Chairman of Vnesheconombank V.A. Dmitriev, prefect of Moscow’s Southern AD P.P. Biryukov, Moscow Chief Architect A.V. Kuzmin, Acting Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia E. Kuryak, Minister of Economics and Privatization in the Republic of Serbia P. Bubalo, Head of the Department for support and development of small business of Moscow M.M. Vyshegorodtsev, CEO of Moscow Business Incubator A.V. Astakhov, and Chairman of the Management Board at Investtradebank V.V. Gudkov.

Moscow’s Mayor stressed the project’s importance for developing small business in Moscow. “In the grand scheme small business is the main driver of Moscow’s economy”, stated Moscow Mayor Y.M. Luzhkov. “During its 20 years of growth, over 200 thousand entrepreneurial structures were created with 2.2 million employed therein. In place today is a powerful system of financial and normative support for small business, although it’s not enough. Our main task is to help it set up, especially its high-tech manufacturing and science-intensive spheres. Technopark construction is a world practice”.

For the first time in Russia, implementing such a large-scale project is one developer under a single concept. “At Nagatino i-Land, we plan to create a universal infrastructure which will become the startup site for the most promising representatives of innovative small and mid-sized business”, said Andrey Astakhov, CEO of Moscow Business Incubator, the project’s developer. The project’s architectural solution was developed by M.V. Posokhin GUP Mosprojekt-2 – a bureau overseen by V.V. Kolosnitsin.

During a press conference it was confirmed that financing for the construction of transport infrastructure at Nagatino i-Land will come from Moscow’s budget. “This is considerable support on the city’s part”, A.V. Astakhov noted. “Construction of the embankment and subway station, which was already envisaged on this land plot on the green line, would have gone through either way. But for our project, and for the normal work of those 80-100 thousand people “populating” our city, the Moscow Government revised its plans and decided to implement them in shorter time frames. It is planned the subway station will open in late 2008”. M.M. Vyshegorodtsev said that money has already been earmarked from next year’s budget for pre-project and project development of these properties.

Y.M. Luzhkov noted the project’s particular importance for Moscow’s environment. “We aren’t developing just an empty lot, but rather a place that was absolutely inimical to the city’s environment. “Automobiles stood here for decades and ‘enhanced’ the natural environment”, Y.M. Luzhkov said. “Just imagine that this factory site of 352 ha is only five kilometers from the Kremlin”, A.V. Astakhov noted. “The reclamation of 32 ha earmarked for the MUTP’s construction comprises one of the most significant and cost-intensive project items”.

“It’s a project of particular status: on the one hand, it’s included in the urban program, which relieves the developer of numerous burdens, while on the other is fully realized through commercial money”, said A.V. Astakhov. The Moscow urban technopark is financed through proprietary and borrowed funds: as of today, partnering with Moscow Business Incubator is Investtradebank (providing startup financing for this project totaling 200m rubles). As for public support, budget loans have been allocated which total 254m rubles, while the main loan for the first phase of construction is provided by Vnesheconombank for USD 200m in total.

“An investment contract is currently under development, and so far our inclination is that the city won’t have a stake in this technopark”, said M.M. Vyshegorodtsev. “We believe that the city’s stake will be expressed through the benefits that small businesses will enjoy in rental rates. But the amount of these benefits hasn’t been explicitly set”. Vyshegorodtsev said the technopark will include a business incubator where startup businesses will lease under preferential rates. “This won’t be a second CITY; it won’t be class A”, the minister explained. “This will be class B – as we hope, for innovative small businesses”.

A.V. Astakhov specified that the project is intended to help small business – not only those businesses capable of competing in free market economic conditions. “Undoubtedly, we will have beneficial rental rates for startup businesses”, explained the CEO of Moscow Business Incubator.

“It’s a great privilege for us to act as consultants to such an important and contemporary project”, noted K. Losyukov, head of key client relations at Knight Frank, the exclusive consultant for marketing and rental at Nagatino i-Land.

Ceremonial burying of time capsules in first phase of Moscow urban technopark foundation22.12.2006

Held on December 23 will be the ceremonial burying of a time capsule in the foundation of the first phase of Moscow’s new high-tech business district Moscow urban technopark. Participating in the ceremony will be: Moscow Mayor Y.M. Luzhkov, Chairman of Moscow City Duma V.M. Platonov, Head of Moscow Department for architecture, construction, development and reconstruction V.I. Resin, Head of Moscow Department for economic policy and development Y.V. Roslyak, Prefect of Moscow’s Southern AD P.P. Biryukov, Moscow Chief Architect A.V. Kuzmin, Acting Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia E. Kuryak, Minister of Economics and Privatization of the Republic of Serbia P. Bubalo, Head of the Department for support and development of small business in Moscow M.M. Vyshegorodtsev, CEO of OJSC Moscow Business Incubator A.V. Astakhov and other officials.

Acting as exclusive consultant for marketing and rental is Knight Frank.

Bricklaying at the “innovations island” will feature nonstandard ceremonial solutions. For the first time ever, used as an information carrier in the time capsule along with traditional paper will be an electronic carrier – a USB flash drive.

Representatives of leading media outlets will be able to pose questions to participants of the unique project. Those invited to the ceremony include partners of Moscow Business Incubator, representatives of Moscow’s business elite, and personnel of companies participating prominently in developing the project Nagatino i-Land.

New subway station to appear on perennial line of Moscow underground19.06.2006

New subway station to appear on perennial line of Moscow underground

The head of Moscow Metro, D. Gaev, has announced the emergence of a private investor ready to invest in this large-scale construction.

The station will appear before the bridge over Moscow River next to the ZIL factory, between Avtozavodskaya and Kolomenskaya. “We already have experience of private investment in our properties. In particular, for example, the new exit from Mayakovskaya was financed by the retail building to which this exit leads”, the Moscow Metro’s Press Department reported to Business Week Russia.

According to Mr Gaev, the decision to build the new station relates to the project for technopark Nagatino-ZIL, also known as Nagatino i-Land. According to the information of Business Week Russia, precisely the technopark’s founders will act as private investors for the new metropolitan construction. “BusinessWeek Russia” / № 23 Author: Dmitry Rudnev

Austru Bau to act as general contractor for construction of Moscow urban technopark’s first phase15.03.2006

Moscow Business Incubator announces that Austru Bau has won the bidding process for the selection of a general contractor for the implementation of phase I of Moscow city technopark Nagatino-ZIL. As part of a well-developed marketing program delivered to the market, the project was given the commercial title Nagatino i-Land.

Participants in the bidding primarily included international companies with experience of implementing far-reaching projects of the highest quality. In total, 12 companies were considered in the bidding, although during pre-qualification the main battle unfolded between four candidates. The main criteria for choosing the winner were: correspondence of the candidates’ qualifications to the requirements of competition paperwork; sufficient resources for implementing a project of this scale; the company’s reputation on the market; strict observance of timeframes and quality of completed work; possession of required technical bases and construction technology in Moscow, as well as quick mobilization thereof. According to the bidding results, the best proposal was submitted by Austru Bau, which emerged as the winner of bidding. The final amount of the contract between Moscow Business Incubator and the general contractor is to be determined through a joint working group as part of pre-project consultations. At present, total investments for the first phase’s implementation are estimated at $240m.

Andrey Astakhov, CEO at OJSC “Moscow business incubator”: “Today the project commences its most active phase of implementation. From the beginning, our policy stipulated the involvement of only highly-professional company-partners. The selection of general contractor wasn’t an exception: the terms we proposed to bidding participants were rigorous. Austru Bau provided a really good, well-thought-out proposal, accounting for practically all of our requirements. Already today I’m certain that our new partners will enable us to bring to the market a product of the highest quality”.

Konstantin Romanov, director of consulting division at Knight Frank: Nagatino i-Land is undoubtedly one of the most important as well as complex projects on Moscow’s market today. In these conditions, the selection of general contractor is a strategic decision which will largely determine the project’s future fate. In our opinion, Austru Bau’s victory is objectively justified”. The Nagatino i-Land construction project is Moscow’s largest technopark, being implemented with support from the Moscow Government as part of the urban program for reforming the territory of AMO ZIL. Overall management is provided by Moscow’s chief architect, A. Kuzmin. Acting as investor and client is Moscow Business Incubator. The project’s consultant is international consulting company Knight Frank.

Construction is under way on a land plot of 32 ha, with a planned total of 1m sq.m located thereupon, including a technopark, modern office facilities, hotels and apartments, retail-entertainment complex, athletic-wellness center, restaurants and cafes, and exhibition center. Project implementation consists of 5 phases lasting until 2011.

The first phase of construction, located in the plot’s northern portion on an area of 9.5 ha, includes six class B office buildings and two 9-level parking garages with total area of 216,000 sq.m. Construction is slated to begin in April 2006 and planned to last 21 months.

Construction client: Moscow Business Incubator is a management company created at the initiative of the Moscow Government, performing the functions of client and investor for the construction of Moscow city technopark Nagatino-ZIL under the city’s redevelopment program for the territory of AMO ZIL. The company is conducting financing of the MCT project through proprietary and raised funds; performs the drafting of pre-project, preliminary-permit and project-estimate paperwork and acts as construction client.

For additional information: Irina Singaevskaya, deputy general director at Moscow Business Incubator Tel: 580-63-58

Project consultant: International consulting company Knight Frank was founded in the UK over 100 years ago. In association with Newmark consulting company (headquartered in New York) Knight Frank unites over 140 offices on 5 continents and employs 4500 specialists. Knight Frank provides the full range of agent and consulting services, representing the interests of owners, tenants, investors and developers on local and international markets. Over 9 years of operations on the Russian market, many Russian companies and international corporations have become continuous clients of Knight Frank. Among the company's largest projects: drafting the development concept for Bolshoi City (1000 ha) according to Sistema-Hals’ order, the sales concept for Nagatino i-Land with area of 1m sq.m at the industrial site of AMO ZIL for Moscow Business Incubator, the sale of residential complexes Dvortsovy complex on Ostozhenka and Sosny on Nikolina Gora.

Austru Bau to build first phase of technopark Nagatino-ZIL22.02.2006

Austrian company Austru Bau won the auction for the construction of the first phase of Moscow’s largest technopark – Nagatino i-Land – with total cost of approximately $1bn, as reported by Bolshoi real estate portal.

Nagatino i-Land, or Nagatino ZIL, is under construction on a plot of 32 ha at AMO ZIL. Total area under construction amounts to approximately 1m sq.m and consists of technoparks, office facilities, hotels, apartments, restaurants, an athletic-wellness complex and exhibition center. The project consists of five phases and is slated for completion in 2011. The investor-client and management company is Moscow Business Incubator (MBI), created in 2003 by the Moscow Government. The first phase of Nagatino i-Land’s construction includes six class B office complexes and two nine-level car parks, deputy general manager for economics and finances at MBI Irina Singaevskaya told the newspaper, while the total area of development equals 216 thous sq.m. Construction is to be completed in 2007. According to her, as well as MBI, a further three companies participated in bidding for construction of the first phase, which she declined to name. MBI estimated overall investments in the first phase at $240m. It is unclear how much of this amount Austru Bau will receive – the value of the contract between the Austrians and MBI will be determined over the course of consultation. Also unclear, according to MBI, are the project’s co-investors. France’s Bouygues Batiment International has confirmed its participation in the bidding, but declined further comment. “We purchased the lot paperwork, but didn’t participate in the actual bidding”, said Alexander Ortenburg, technical director at another developer, Austria-based Strabag AG. “The geology there is difficult, and the paperwork on the underground part isn’t well-developed. How to account for everything in these conditions?” According to him, Strabag may participate in bidding for construction of the technopark’s subsequent phases. According to Radomir Teofilovic, director of Austru Bau’s Moscow office, Austru Bau “has no qualms at all regarding the project” and the company will arrive to the “project site” in March-April.